Sram/Shimano pads on Campy record callipers?

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by random101

Hey guys,

So I'm not at home to actually swap them out... but I visually couldn't see (that I remember) any difference between the two?

Are the pads currently cross compatible or do I need to order campy specific pads?

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by bikerjulio

I didn't think they ever were compatible.
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by sychen

pretty sure the shape of the retention mechanism is different.

Even in campag world pre 2011 have a straight groove and post 2011 have a wedge shaped hole to retain the pad.

Shimano is different all together.

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by random101

I have a retaining clip on mine with there new EPS stuff, though it's never been a problem to just cut a bit more out to make it fit.

Only if the grooves for it to slide in and out are different then thats a a problem.

Anyhow just ordered more Campy Sissstop Black pro pads :)

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by eric

If you want to use Shimano style pads you could mount Shimano style pad holders.

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