Light bike or stiff bike?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by justkeepedaling

efeballi wrote:R5? Aero? Stating that the Squoval profiles are aerodynamic is just marketing hyperbole tossed by Cervelo.
If you don't have big climbs around, I agree with the above comments. Aero and stiffness will trump weight. Scott Foil, Ridley Noah, Spec Venge, Canyon Aeroad are all viable options.

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You might want to start doing some factfinding before getting your aero degree.

Incredibly humorous that you mention the Scott Foil as being an alternative.

by Weenie

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by fa63

What about the Giant Propel? Seems like a good option for the type of riding you do.

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by justkeepedaling

Giant Propel, Felt AR, Cervelo S2/S3 are the things you should be looking at.

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by efeballi ... 48e0-0.pdf
Page 17. 7.4 watts of drag saved over previous generation Squoval (read: old R5) frame, which wasn't the most aero frame around.
Here, Scott lists CdA, which is the coefficient of drag (related to shape only) multiplied by frontal area. At 12 m/s(43.2 km/h), Foil creates around 4 watts more drag than the Cervelo S5 (76 watts for Cervelo and 80 watts for Foil, excluding rider)
From the other standpoint, stiffness, ... eam-issue-—-an-aero-road-frame-without-the-compromise_187939
Scott Foil is listed stiffer than the Ridley Noah and the old Felt AR1. The test is 3 years old though, and only Foil and Noah were not updated until today.
So, aero and stiff. A viable alternative in my book.

I have nothing to back up that the Aeroad is stiff but I'd have thought the Aeroad was built to be stiff.

I would more than like to see other test results, and eat my words if those contradict what I say.

Sorry for the hijack.

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by audiojan

Not a lot of climbing, get an aero road bike.

You can definitely get light, stiff and comfortable. My Neil Pryde Bura SL is almost as comfortable as my Parlee Z5, but significantly stiffer and about 150gr. lighter. The Neil Pryde Alize (Nazare after yet another stupid Specialized lawsuit) is really comfortable, aerodynamic and reasonably light (claimed weight 960gr for size L, weighed a medium that came in at 940gr so it's fairly accurate). Another great thing about them, you can find them fairly inexpensive.
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by Kayrehn

If you take regularly, why not get an aero frame? Many of the aero frames are known to be quite stiff anyway.

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by Kermithimself

I think I'm leaning more and more towards an aero frame. The only thing I've hesitant with is whether it actually makes a difference compared to a regular bike.

Another thing is that I'm picky about my bikes, aren't we all? There are certain brands that I'm not really into because they're just too common in the peloton. Trek, Cervelo, Giant, Cannondale, Scott. The only brand that has be startled although I see them everywhere is Specialized. Kudos to their marketingdepartment for making me feel like that. So I'm always looking for brands that are not that widespread if possible, but sometimes you just gotta follow the numbers.

So for aero bikes I have these bikes that could be interesting:
Specialized S-Works Venge(stiff enough?)
Avanti Corsa DR - haven't been able to find that many reviews of these.

Felt AR FRD was in the mix, but I just don't like the hidden rearbrake. I know it's probably more aero, but it just seems impractical.
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by Ozrider

Like you, I like having unique bikes, hence a Parlee and a custom Steel bike, I bought a Madone as it combined good ride quality, handling and comfort, as well as the ability to take electronic or cable shifting.
If you are looking for stiff, the Venge definitely ticks the box, and it can be built up pretty light. The nice thing with SWorks bikes is that they stand out from the lower model Specialized bikes
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by MikeC

I would thoroughly recommend the Cannondale Supersix EVO. Stiff, light and amazing around and out of bends. It will definitely handle your 1500w sprints

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by mnmasotto

Alternatively, i would recommend the specialized tarmac. Greatly under appreciated frame.

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by wheelsONfire

Good question this one. I rode Foil and i don't like it. After 40km i started to feel beaten up. If you like no compliance it is oki. Another dude i know, rode Foil and told me he liked it very much. When he now ride Addict SL, he says it is not as my Foil which were harsh.
I just could not stop myself, so i ordered a Vial EVO D frameset. I hope i find it both stiff, comfortable and also feel i can be a bit faster. Currently ride a fairly stiff ti bike which is nice, but a bit heavy.

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by aaric

Aero will beat stiff or light in almost every racing situation - even most climbs.

I've owned multiple tarmac SL3's (pro/s-works) and a Venge pro, as well as a Felt AR FRD. My comparisons are using the same bars/seat/wheels/cranks/pedals/tires. Had sram red 22 on the last tarmac/venge, and running 6870 di2 on the AR. 10mm shorter stem and lower stack on the AR. Felt AR FRD, and S-works SL3 frameset weights were within 25g. Venge pro was roughly 250g heavier.

The Felt feels faster and more comfortable than the venge or tarmacs. The venge was stiffer out of the saddle than the tarmacs, but was definitely more jarring of a ride. I attribute that to the seatpost. I don't notice any loss of stiffness with the AR, and would reckon its likely stiffer in the bottom bracket than the Venge.

I'd say the AR is significantly more stable than the venge, and according to aero data, faster. It's not as lively as the Venge, but its way more comfortable, and doesn't get thrown about in crosswinds nearly as much as the venge did.

The hidden rear brake is a non-issue to me. I was a bit apprehensive about it at first. Stick an adjuster on the brake cable next to the stem, and there's no reason to have to fiddle with the brake itself. I find my rear brake stays cleaner than the brakes on the Venge/Tarmac did: It's likely because the road dust isn't being thrown directly off the tire into it since the frame blocks the airflow into it.

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by bm0p700f

Aero always wins over weight anyway but if you can have aero stiff and light it is a winner.

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by addictR1

Humm.. I'm 145 lbs and my addict r1 is 13.65 lbs with pedals and it's pretty stiff to me. Can't imagine it to be even more stiff.. probably would be a harsh ride.

by Weenie

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