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by miltmaster3

And here’s how the saddle move after 2 hours ride Image

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by Ringo

You have to tighten it more, (gradually) if there’s no indication

by Weenie

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by miltmaster3

It is over the limit believe me

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by lirek15

Hi, I reckon I'd throw my 2 cents in since I've built up a skylon with campy eps a year ago.
Regarding the saddle clamp. I agree, terrible system, I could not get it to stay in place at the specified torque of 8nm. Especially on a carbon railed SLR.
My solution was 10nm of torque and a blue loctite on the bolt (make sure the bolt and clamp is completley clean before application). That seemed to have done the trick.
Calnago, I could not fit the grommet into the rear derailleur exit. I had to slightyly modify it by chopping some material off the ends, then shove it in there with a thin allen key. It stayed put for some time but eventually fell out.
The other issue I experienced with these frames is the seatpost (non translink version). Even under 2 nm of load , the clamp would start to really bite into the post and pinch the pointy end. I went through 3 replacements (Time were aware of this issue and were quick to sort it) but even then it wasn't perfect. I think aero posts in general, and tear drop ones especially are crap for bearing side loads from a clamp but this one was especially bad. A bit of a let down as overall as the finish and ride quality is superb.

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by MyM3Coupe

kgt wrote:
Sun Apr 01, 2018 7:43 am
I know the carbon clamp was designed for Fizik saddles but it should work perfectly with every carbon saddle.
It should, but it doesn’t. It works perfect on my Fizik braided saddle, but a Prologo Nack rail it was a no go. I’m only 50kg and it moved back all the way while riding on rollers in the house. All saddle makers using carbon rails needs to “texture” the rails.

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by zappafile123

Magnav65 wrote:
Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:32 pm

as I own an oltre xr2 and look695 the Scylon I would certainly put on the same level and classify in some areas as eaven better :wink: .
I am very happy with the performance as far as I can tell for the moment and of course; it's not one under thousends it stands out :mrgreen:
Would love to hear more about the Scylon vs. Oltre XR2 now that you've had a bit more time to ride it. The XR2 is perhaps my favourite of all the bikes I've owned so far (regret selling it). Honestly I didn't think the ZXRS was all that good, but I still find Time to be an appealing brand and wouldnt mind picking up a red Skylon at some point.
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by Tom68

There are some good deals on Scylons at the moment which are very tempting. Can I ask a question about sizing?

I am 187cm (just under 6'2) with proportionally long torso but at 50 not fantastic flexibility. I'm torn between a L and an XL. I'm currently on a Neil Pryde Bura SL XL which feels ok but I have put a (slammed) 10cm stem on it. Previously had an XL Look 585 (one of the early ones before they introduced different geometries) with a 12cm stem (originally 13cm but age...) but with a few cms of spacers.

I know stack and reach should simplify these decisions but always good to get real experience too. Thanks.

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by kgt

I would suggest an L with a 12 or 13cm stem considering that the headtube length of the Scylon is long enough for the less flexible riders.
I am 1,825m and I ride an M with a 11cm stem and one 5mm spacer.

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