Prologo nago evo & Selle SLR Carbonio

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by PoorCyclist

I didn't type X versus Y. Simply just wanted to compare..

Has anyone used both of these saddles?
The prologo nago evo is "semi round"
I want to change to selle italia SLR kit carbonio.

I wanted to know if the carbonio a "flat" saddle, flat is what I seem to have trouble with as I think I need the middle to sag down a little so the front to back has a little bit of curvature (hope that makes sense) Looking at product pictures isn't very easy to tell. The last pic.. Williams is what I currently have some difficulty with.. I would tolerate it but would feel like my seatbones are crunching on top of a flat plank if I ride for too long (but it might have been due to the cut out)




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by dmp

I've never ridden the Prologo, but I ride the SLR kit carbonio. It is a flat saddle. You might want to try the Selle San Marco Aspide- it has a bit of curve, but is otherwise kind of similarly shaped, and the carbon fx version has a similar weight (about 125g).

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by quantum_Rider

I had a previous version of SLR Carbonio and switched it to Prologo nago evo X10. SLR had sharp edges, while nago evo was a bit more rounded and edges of the saddle shell were pointing downwards.

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