Carbon fron wheel, little holes in brakesurface

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by SiriusB


I recently bought a carbon 20mm wheelset for a tour des Alpes in autumn. The guy selling it described it as good as new. I usually don't need 20mm rims, because I do live in flat Berlin.
Anyway, today I had a closer look on the frontwheel.
Very light but the front wheel has some tiny holes in the braking surface. It has also some abrasion from the previous used(supposedly cork) braking pad in the holes.

For I only have very little knowledge about carbon rims as I do only have a Zip404 to compare, which doesn't shows this little holes, I'd need some advice.

Are this tiny holes are generally a problem or usual for carbon rims in general.
Any idea If/how it will effect the braking performance?
Furthermore Iam thinking about what to do with this holes. Putting resin in the holes and polish it afterwards?!
Or leave them as they are? Any additional ideas?

Thanks a lot





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by jpanspac

Looks to me like the resin didn't flow properly into the carbon fiber fabric when it was baked. I would inspect the inside surface of the rim to see if any of the holes go all the way through.
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by SiriusB

they don't get through, as far as I can see they are only on the surface. No signs of the holes inside.

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by Berk

quite a lot of rims/carbon products have some small imperfections - for example take a look at Lightweight wheels (a loot of small holes). And they are not the only one.. If you would like I can make some photos for you to show you what I mean, we have 3 pairs of Lightweight wheels in repair at the company, so I can make some photos tomorrow.
From those photos I would say there is no need to worry, as long as the braking is ok.
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by TwiggyTN

Ride it.

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by NiFTY

They'll be fine, as Berk says its very common. My lightweights have small voids over the whole rim, not as big as that, but those don't look like they are from damage acquired.
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by Martin1977

as mentioned above, it is normal. Many parts have it. Schmolke bars looked much worse few years back and most customers were afraid, that they were cracked. So new bars usualy are a few gramms heavier, but clearcoated more to hide any imperfections and they look nice.
Here is detail of my AX brakes. Also many little imperfections here. It can be fixed with clearcoat.

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by SiriusB

Thanks a mil! I gonna ride them:)!

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