2010 Time RXR questions - help a brother out

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by ronderman

OK, talk some sense into me - tell me I am crazy or I am thinking right.

2010 Time RXR VIP. In my view this is one of the best looking frames EVER made. It just looks incredible - when you see one in person it looks like nothing else out there and looks so aggressive it just looks FAST. I've always been interested in owning one and have the opportunity to get one from a dealer brand new for a good price.

Background - I just got a firefly ti bike not even a year ago. My thought it, use the firefly from December to April (I live in New England and the roads stink then) and then use the Time the rest of the year. I'd have to get new cranks and new FD - not happy about it as the firefly is BB30 and FD is clamp whereas Time is threaded and braze on.

My question would be is the 2010 any worse than the 2011 and up. It seems, from this forum, some people had the 2010 and it was too flexy? Was this really the case and if so was it improved? Does anyone have this bike currently and if so how has it treated you?

My background - former racer no longer racing. Over 40 and 6'3" 200 pounds, but I never really hammer anymore - just kind of do my group rides or ride endurance/temp with friends.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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