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by Ltoddokc

I have sprung for a set of Hollowgrams and will be putting my Praxis compact rings on them when they come in but I really like the look of the spidering from cannondale. Does anyone have any experience with it vs the Praxis rings? To be honest, i am not terribly impressed with the Praxis rings' shifting performance. It's not bad, just not all it is cracked up to be on the forums. Is the Spidering better, the same, worse?

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by beeatnik

I've got the compact SpideRing. Shifting is great but I've had a lot of dropped chains under load in big, little. Never had an issue with Praxis or Stronglight rings on the Hollowgrams.

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by NiFTY

beeatnik - Are you running the spidering with the 109mm spindle or have you got in on an older 104mm spindle and what is your spacer situation, as it might be a chainline issue.
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by Mize

I love my Spidering but I will tell you that the nub that prevents the chain from getting between the ring and crankarm in the event of an overshift (drop outside the big ring) isn't tall enough to do its job with an 11-speed chain. I dropped this way after an LBS messed with my high limit and it was a pain to get the chain out of that slot. Once I fixed my limits, however, I've never dropped and the shifts are smoother than my Red 22 crankset on my other bike.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that the compact spiderring shifts better than the campagnolo rings (also compact). Lots of ramps = quick upshifts, and I've not dropped the chain a single time.
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by jpanspac

I had an SISL2 compact crank for a while, then swapped it out for a Rotor with Praxis rings. With Di2, front shifting has been flawless on either setup. Just make sure your front derailleur is adjusted properly.
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by 2old4this

I do have a bike with spidering (cannondale) and another one with praxis (storck.) spidering shifts nearly as good as DA. Praxis is close but definitely not as smooth as spidering, especially under power.

If I get another bb30, I'll definitely get spidering. No second thinking...

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