NEW KASK Road Helmet at TdF

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by passione

Anyone know what's the name of the new model Team SKY are rolling around with at the Tour de France?


by Weenie

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by Pharmstrong

Looked like it had 'Razr' on the front of it when Froome was being interviewed on TV here.

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by xplaza

A couple more pics



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by Ashepp


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by mannymerc

looks ok, I would like to try one, I got the mojito and like it a bunch.

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by tinozee

I like the blue sidi wires in that first pic.

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by Ashepp

Protone helmet developed in with Team Sky. Apparently the helmet has one of the lowest drag coefficients of any ventilated helmet, and fast rates of heat dissipation also.


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by SolidSnake03

Looks like they made some changes to the retention system in the back as well. Slimmed down version of the Up-N-Down?
Looks like I made a new 90 Proof friend

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by Carrots

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by xnavalav8r

It looks like the offspring of an older Kask helmet with a POC...

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by stoney

The Protone is a nice looking aero road helmet. I could see myself wearing one of those. What's the price?

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by shoopdawoop

Article says it'll go on sale in 2015 so let's hope this one doesn't end up like the bambino; see it on sky for two years and then you can have one for $500.

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by knef

Good looking helmet, nice vents.

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by djconnel

I really like the POC influence..rounded with more back of head protection.

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by Weenie

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