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by oldmuthariley

Concept2 wrote:By the way, if anyone knows about any other custom steel frames from this region that around the 1000-1300 euro price mark I would be interested to know about them.

Try Savine (daniel) - based in germany so not too far off. I've got one of his frame and they're superb.

cheers :beerchug:

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by gravity


Do you mind sharing some info on the butted tubeset? Particularly at which part that thickness of the tube should be considered the most (I believe at the DT/BB intersection and DT/HT intersection)? To what degree do you think we can save weight on thinner walls (from butted tubes) without affecting bike stiffness? I remember Craig Gaulzetti said that his main skills in frame design is his ability to determine what thickness should be used for a each rider.

I also notice that Zona and Life are the most favourable tubesets for rear triangle. Is it because they do the job better than Spirit throughout? Or is it just to save some cost?

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by Dammit

I'll speak to Matt (the framebuilder) and get back to you.

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by phlip

Columbus have a PDF catalog on their site which lists the tube thickness for each of their tubes. You might the numbers interesting.

I know this is Weightweenies, but I personally would not choose to have the thinnest of tubes (Spirit) if it affects the robustness of the frame. Does anyone have experimentally determined numbers on the difference in weight between a frame made from Spirit and one from Life, Zona, or Cromor? I would guess it is in the few hundreds of grammes range, but an exact number would be nice to know.

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by DJT21

TRy these guys. Prices seem reasonable and it looks like they can build with any tubeset. Columbus max could be a good choice if the tubes are long enough to make a big frame

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by Concept2

DJT21 thanks for the tip. I've been in touch with them a while ago and their prices seem good (and they have a lot of options at different price points). Anyways as I said I'll wait and save more, seems that the 2000e price point will get me what I want (e.g. duell vogue).

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by oldmuthariley

what price are the braun frames? could'nt see the prices on the website...?

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by Concept2

you can contact him through this:

he replied me very quickly. Couldn't seem to find the full pricelist anymore, so easiest is if you ask him directly. Remember the Beauty frame being about 2500 with fork.

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by Almonte

Safron/ Feather are custom made too in the UK. when it comes to Steel, there is plenty of choice.

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by drmarg

There is a frame builder in Washington State that specializes in frames for tall riders. I've seen his work and it is top shelf. I believe the pricing is quite attractive as well. Plus with the good exchange rate, you might score a smok'in deal.
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by SLight

You should check a Jaegher Interceptor SuperStiff for your use.

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