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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by drainyoo


I figured I'd share the "kit" that I carry with me on rides. The entire kit is really light and compact. I can barely tell that I'm carrying this stuff.

Here's what's included:

- Lezyne SV-7 Multi-tool - 67g

- Lezyne Lever/Patch Kit - 41g

- Topeak Micro AirBooster with CO2 Canister - 77g

Most of my rides are short, 15-20 miles, so I don't carry an extra tube.

The SV-7 has pretty much every tool I need (2.5, 4, 5, 6mm, T25, T30, Flat Head), even for my Extralite stem, and is still small and light.

Haven't used the Topeak inflator yet, but the quality is great and it's really small. Hoping it works well.

Anyway, thought this would be helpful info for others looking for a light and compact setup.
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by RimClencher

This is weight weenies so.. weights?

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by drainyoo

Yes, how dumb of me. I updated the original post with the weights.

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by shimmeD

I only carry the tool required when I think I'm going to make adjustments eg Allen key for seat post.
Less is more.

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by michel2

i ditch the patch kit for a tube.specially given the fact you only take one canister with you ?
i cary one tube, if a go "abroad" ill take two and always two canisters (their only 16 gramm each anyway (-; ) with a lezyne valve, that way i cat a second chance, im not to worried about alleen keys, unless i run a run a new saddle or so,

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by djm

I carry this: Syncros Turtle 380 -;n ... duct=76459

It fits two lightweight tubes (one butyl, one latex), a set of tire boots, Park Tool pre-glued patches and a tire lever. In my pocket I carry a Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster (or whatever it is called!). On shorter rides or races I might skip one of the tubes in favor of a Co2 cartridge and valve.

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