Trek Emonda SLR 10, Thoughts?

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by Bridgeman

So I went to pick up my Emonda SLR Frame today. Looks like the size doesn't quite make it. The seat tube or the seat mast aren't long enough. Going with the next size frame.

An observation; Was surprised at how much of a gap between the inner diameter of the seat mast and the outer diameter of the seat tube. I didn't measure it but I've never seen such a huge gap between two critical mating surfaces. I know when the mast is tightened it will probably not be an issue, but it certainly seems like there could be potential for creaking from the impact of pot holes and rough terrain in general.

If they can hold press fit tolerances on bb's why not apply a looser but adequate tolerance to the seat mast interface?

Anyone else notice this?

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by Chader09

Did you know that Trek has 2 different length seat mast caps? One is 135mm and the other is 175mm long.

The max and min seat heights are listed on the geometry page, but they don't tell you that is achieved by swapping the masts as needed.

The ranges are 100mm per frame. The frame mast has 60mm of adjustment and the other 40mm comes from the difference in the mast cap length.

by Weenie

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by Bridgeman

We were using a number of 175mm masts, all fitting differently because of the wide tolerance. I have emailed Trek and Bontrager a number of times for clarification with questions and never heard back.

Having second thoughts on this purchased.

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by spud

If the stack and reach are right, you can always get a custom seat post from MCFK and lose a bit of weight. Just depends on whether you feel you got a good enough deal on the frameset.

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by Calnago

I've got an Emonda SL frame I'm working on. The seatmast, while sliding easily, doesn't seem to have a huge amount of slop in it like you're describing. I'm kind used to Colnagos where the seatpost can be pretty tight, almost too tight. But if you can't get your saddle height to where it needs to be with the seatmast it came with, then I'd say you probably need the next larger frameset. Unless of course you run it with a huge amount of saddle to bar drop. Are you getting the H1 or H2 fit? Can you get the drop you need with the next size up frame?
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by scott91

Bridgeman, just curious what your usual BB (centre) to top of saddle length is? And what size did you order? What saddle were you using?

I've dealt with a lot of the seat masts and yeah, some are looser than others, but I've never seen a problem with any of them. Just us carbon paste and torque to spec.

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by Bridgeman

We took direct measurements from my other bike and found the seat mast resides 6 mm's above the limit line. Shop said it's a no go, and I agree.

I really wish Trek and Bontrager would respond to my short list of questions. I'm prepared to move on though.

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by scott91

I agree, wouldn't run above the limit line. I'm just curious as to what your set up is. My 60 cm Emonda SLR 8 with a Serano Carbon saddle, at max height, is the exact 85 cm Trek lists on their geometry page. I can see how if you were using a lower profile saddle though it could be short 6 mm.

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by Ozrider

No issues with Trek Madone or Domane seat posts creaking.

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by wheelsONfire


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by viratelle

Bike almost finished...Just need the longer mast as others...,BRtuesV#0,BRtuesV#1

PS: German magazines almost always find German products to be superior...Their methodology strangely produces the numbers that meet their end...Tour Magazin is a champion in that respect...

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by spartan

actually, very impressed about this statistic..trek ranks higher than the cervelo rca/cannondale evo black... it's real competition. there is a huge difference in mass producing a frameset with a lifetime warranty vs a low production erratic customer service.

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by justkeepedaling

What's the overall highest rated bike for tour?

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by goodboyr


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by wojchiech

just got my 54cm h1 frame this week, weighed 765g with der. hanger. 75g over claimed (and a size smaller too). a bit disappointed, but still built up beautifully. 12.8 lbs with my stans/bhs wheels. i'll try to make my own thread soon...

by Weenie

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