Trek Emonda SLR 10, Thoughts?

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by wkwt

Shop in VA. I put in an order for it pretty much when they released it, despite having some reservations as I've posted. Just came in today. Trek seems to just be catching up with producing the SLRs. I forgot to tare the scale before I weighed it, that's where those 40g went :P.

No SL frames here, but I believe there is another build-up post on that frame.

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by wkwt

Ozrider wrote:On Treks website they list a 56cm SLR 9 at 6.1kg without pedals or bottle cages priced at AUD $12 999.00. This is with full Dura Ace and Bontrager Aeolus 3 clinchers. With pedals and cages you are looking at 6.35 - 6.4kg dependant on pedals.
In comparison my 2010 Parlee Z5 weighs in at 6.1 - 6.4kg ready to ride with SRAM Red and Enve post, stem and bars, Speedplay. Ti pedals, Arundel cages and Garmin sensor / mount.
Not much incentive there to swap over. Admittedly the Trek Emonda would be about 200g lighter with Tubulars and you could fit the one piece XXX integrated barstem found on the SLR 10 and save another 118g for a RRP of $599.
I will be test riding one in a week or two to compare how it rides and handles in comparison to my Parlee and Madone.

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Agree, I'm just a Trek fan :). I'd have thoughts of putting Red electronic on this frame if it were a bit lighter than DA mech/Di2... That, link cables, lighter brakes, integrated stem/bar might just make it 13 lbs ready to ride - but at a hefty cost.

But other than a bit different feel and 50-60g, I have no illusions that this Emonda is tangibly different than the old Madone SSL. It's "old school."

I'll put up an actual weight when my build is done. It'll be very similar to the SLR9.

by Weenie

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by 53x12

mpulsiv wrote:$4200 for ... nda_slr_h1 is not bad for 690g frame with 280g fork. Last checked the only frameset that falls into this price range was Cannondale Evo.

Felt F FRD for $3999 is another option.
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by Ozrider

The Emonda is a nice looking bike, and I like the cable routing.
The new Bontrager brakes also look really impressive, although at 232g they are not Much lighter than SRAM Red brakes, but about 60g lighter than Dura Ace.

I'm waiting in anticipation to see if they release a more aero oriented Madone next year, as Trek seems to be focussing on the Emonda as their mainstream bike, with the Madone being slotted in as the aero race bike.
This has probably got to do with the hassle of dealing with under BB brakes, and ease of installation and service for the average customer.

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by Grannen

Those brakes are Émonda specific, the madone headtube beak gets in the way. On the back, the pads are not given enough space to clear the frame, even if you would find pads that would clear the frame, the brake mechanism itself is a real hazard if the brake cable snaps. I was thinking about a mod to make the brakes work with my madone frame, but im hoping sram will release something on eurobike or those ee's looked really nice.
Sorry about the nopic but the brake weight is 90g w/o padholders
Really disappointed in trek that they finally got a chance to redo those madone brakes and didn't

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by 1234SO

wkwt wrote:Here is the Emonda SLR10 bike -- Red 22, one piece stem/bar, Tune tubulars and saddle, lighter seatmast/clamp, new Duotrap with Bluetooth 4.0, Bontrager "skeleton" brakes. $15k -- ouch.Image

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The emonda slr frame looks great in smaller sizes but not sure if it looks that great in larger sizes as well. Could someone post pics in 56 H2 geo?

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by 964Cup

Fah. It's all in weenie components. 180g tyres? Sure, but they'll last five minutes, and then you'll need to use something in the 220g range. I could get my R5 VWD, currently 5.95kg, pretty close to that weight if I went Red instead of DA di2 and used Tufo Elite tubs.

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by 964Cup

Oh - and of course my 5.95kg is with pedals, cages and Garmin mount. So you can knock off another 260-odd grams for those items.

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by Butcher

Yeah, but you need pedals so keep that on the bike when you put it on the scale.

Never understood why a bike is not weighed 'ready to ride'.

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by 964Cup

Butcher wrote:Yeah, but you need pedals so keep that on the bike when you put it on the scale.

Never understood why a bike is not weighed 'ready to ride'.

Because pedal choice is individual, I guess. My point was that the quoted weight for the factory Emonda is without pedals and cages.

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by hatone

Is there a real life photo of an Emonda SLR in 54 cm H2 and what's the weight??

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by MNX1024

Out of curiosity, when ordering frame only for the SLR, does it come with the brakes or that has to be purchased separately?

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by wkwt

Has to be purchased separately.

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by Bridgeman

I'm heading over to my LBS today to work out the final details on an Emonda SLR frame. Since I want to go with Campagnolo, I'd like to understand how to accommodate an Ultra Torque Crankset. The build process will be done over the winter months.

by Weenie

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by dadoflam08

Trek Emonda SLR 10, Thoughts? - cant get the though out of my head that it looks just like a Dengfu FM029 isp frame.
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