And finally , BORA get fat?

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by Permon

Why dont You take a look at the pictures from the first site of this topic?
It is quite easy to see how the rims are like.
Not "V" shape anymore, still not "BULKY" like some others (Zipp)

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by Permon

by Weenie

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by cwoolee

what is a difference between bora one and bora ultra?

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by aerozy

Bora one and Bora Ultra II have the older V shaped rim, first has steel bearings, second has ceramic. Bora Ultra 50's have the new wider 24mm rims and some other improvements here and there which have brought the weight down by a few grams (now 1215gr). To answer your second post you cant go wrong with Campy Wheelsets! Having tried most brands they are my favourites! Great quality and absolutely bomb proof!
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by TimW

2015 Bora One (35 and 50) also have the wider rims.
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by Mockenrue

They do.

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by LionelB

anyone riding these yet ?

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by joshscott187

Opinions on new Bora ultra 50 clincher Vs Enve 3.4?

Bora will likely be substantially cheaper in the UK and im a fan of cult bearings (from crank experience). Any ideas when they will be available as i can only find listings for 2015 tubs.

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by tommasini

Just looking today at the current availablility......looks like Shiny Bikes and Wiggle both now have them in stock (the Bora Ultra 50's in tubular)

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by ianSWBB


Yes, the tubular versions are already here - the clincher versions will be here in January
(although maybe a couple of pre-order sets will be here for shoving under the chrimbo tree ;) )


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by em3

Has anyone taken delivery of either Bora One 50 or Bora One 35 in 2015 model? I am having a hard time believing/reconciling the claimed weight of the 50 compared to the 35...only a 50 gram difference?

Bora One 50: F 545gm R 720gm
Bora One 35: F 505gm R 710gm

Both wheels are using the exact same hubs (looks like both front and rear hub are redesigned for 2015...smaller front hub, thinner DS flange on rear, USB bearings....based on part #s), but how is it that claimed weight difference of rear wheel is only 10 grams, compared to 40 gram difference of front wheels? Am I missing something? I realize there is a spoke length weight differential that needs to be accounted for, but I would assume that there would be a proportionally similar difference when comparing both front and rear across the 50 and 35.



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by aguycalledsimon

I got mine (35 ultra tubs) a couple if weeks back, and today was the first dry day so took 'em out for a spin

I really do like them, but I was riding Shamals before, so I guess the difference is not earth shattering, but they really do look the part and the tubs and carbon in combination make a fantastic noise above 20 mph

weights as follows - front a bit disappointing against the claims, but the rear was lighter so we are within 15gms, which is probably the weight of the grease (I think I read somewhere that they are weighed "dry" for the claimed weight)

Wheels: claimed actual
Campagnolo Bora 35 Ultra Two - Rear 690 679
Super Record 12/25 cassette/lockring 188 200
Campagnolo Rear Skewer 60 63
Campagnolo Bora 35 Ultra Two - Front 480 506
Campagnolo Front Skewer 55 58
1 vittoria corsa sc no valve 255 258
2 vittoria corsa sc no valve 255 258
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by TimW

I heard general availabilty for Bora clinchers was at least not until March in the UK..I got an email from Wiggle..too late for me.

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by jordan00

@simon im interested to hear your opinions in more detail if you have them, or when you get them of the bora 35 tubs vs the shamals. Im tossing up between the 2 at the moment :beerchug:

by Weenie

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by fogman

I am interested in the Bora One 35. Undecided between the tubular and clincher models. Waiting for some reviews of the clincher before finalizing my decision.
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