The holy grail of skewers

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by TheDarkInstall

jpanspac wrote:No it doesn't.

1. I concede that the front wheel does not see any torque.

2. You are wrong in denying that there is no leverage applied to it during sprinting.

I think we are at cross purposes here. All good.

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by mambo

The holy grail of skewers is the tool my friend in the US Mark Stemmy of Optimized Cycling Solutions has invented and is currently patenting to ensure that hub bearings are not overloaded when tightening the QR skewer!
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by solarider

Where to grease skewers?

In my experience noise comes from the interface between the axle ends and the dropout because some lightweight skewers sacrifice clamping force for light weight. Check it is tight first.

Ultimately the 'best' skewer is one that holds your wheel firmly, has a smooth action, a good opening width to avoid lawyer tabs and is easy to use. It is hardly the heaviest thing on your bike (that's probably you BTW!), and the difference between a standard and light weight skewer is minimal.

For me, the 2000 vintage Record skewer takes some beating.

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by Geoff

Light is fine (in which case I recommend Albert Bold's version), but for all-around use it is hard to beat the 'factory' offerings (either of Shimano or Campagnolo).

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by bm0p700f

Holy grail of skewers, that Dura Ace or Campagnolo surely. Also there two Italian manufacturers that have solved the problem of overloading bearing when tightening Q/R skewers it is called a bearing preload adjuster. also you could just not over tighten the Q/R now there's a thought. I should patent the hand, brain and nerves -with this invention it is possible for any human to correctly tighten Q/R skewers. It is possible there will be other spin offs yet to be determined.

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by fa63

To me skewers are not really the place to save weight (I know, it is blasphemous), so Dura Ace all the way.

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by TheDarkInstall

Yeah, I am inclined to agree, which is why I wanted something a bit lighter, but not as fragile as the ones I had before which I rendered.

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by GonaSovereign

QRs are one of the things that you should not fk around with. Shimano and Campagnolo are the best - they weigh more for a reason. The Tune ar14 (?) is basically the old American Classic design, which is OK. Sadly, external cam designs are not as good.

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by BeeBee30

TheDarkInstall wrote:I currently use the Mavic skewers, and sometimes the Dura Ace ones, depending on how I feel that day, and I can go mental on them without so much as a whimper.

I sometimes ponder what jersey to wear but never found myself deciding which skewers I should use :lol:
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by kgt

+1 on tune

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by sugarkane

Also +1 on the tune dc14
Never heard of one failing either.
Needing 200g worth of skewers is living in the 1990s if you ask me but that IMO :mrgreen:

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by kode54

sugarkane wrote:Also +1 on the tune dc14
Never heard of one failing either.
Needing 200g worth of skewers is living in the 1990s if you ask me but that IMO :mrgreen:

when the DC14 first came out...i had the carbon lever portion come out of the alloy part. apparently, the glue came undone and slipped out. luckily no accident. i got a replacement from FWB and its been fine ever since.

i've been using the Enve titanium skewers lately. i can get a firm clamp with ease.
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by headwind816

I am fan of Salsa skewers. I find them easy to secure and never had an issue (knock on carbon or material of your choice)

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by tsutaoka

I'm a fan of Extralite Aliens3s, but my go to racing skewers are Dura Ace

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by barsook77

Solid , dependable, no creaking and stiffen up the rear triangle.

DT RWS AL6/V4 grade 5 titanium skewer. Fantastic.

36 gm front 39 rear.

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