Looking at new brakes EE Brakes or GSL Micros

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by G6612

In the market for new brakes and two have caught my eye. EE Brakes which are not the most attractive but the reviews are good based on performance. GSL Micros which I think is a good looking brake set but cannot find many reviews due to being new. Also I believe the customer service / delivery may be a concern for the Micros. I am currently running TRP 970SL which I love but I am not to happy with the quick release system. Appreciate any input or suggestions to help me make my decision.

by Weenie

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by mnmasotto

This is a slam dunk! There is no way you could convince me to use anything from Ciamillo. EE is simply the best light weight brakes available. Ciamillo brakes are a old design with poor performance, difficult to set up and non existent support.
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by jpanspac

I doubt either brake's quick release would be an improvement.
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by Grill

The EE QR is awesome.

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by eric

The EE QR is easy to use with two hands while you're stopped. You can't operate it while riding as with Shimano style QRs.
The EE QR only opens one side of the brake but in practice that works fine.

EEs brake very well. Support is good.

I found them easy to set up but there are more steps than say a Shimano brake.

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by spookyload

Just installed the micros. Ted did take a bit to get them to me, but they are amazing brakes. On par with the ShimaNO brakes on my other bike as far as power, but much lighter. Set up was a breeze. Ted just dropped the price to a stupid low price. If he can get the delivery system in order, he will have a winner. There are guys selling them on fleabay that probably can get the product to you faster. Carbonlord was selling a white version also. I wouldn't hesitate to order from him either.

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by Zigmeister

I thought the EEs cut it real close on the wider rims widths. They say it can do up to 28mm..but if you have a 26mm+ rim, that gives you only 1mm each side for the pads to handle any wheel flex/movement..which seems to me is going to allow rubbing.

If you run wider rims, you don't need QRs. Never use a QR myself having 26mm wide aero wheels. The tires are as wide/narrow than the rim, never touch the QR to get the wheel off. If you have some alum/narrow rims, this of course could be a problem still.

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by Tokyo Drifter

I've run both. I prefer campy or shimano brakes, especially 6900/9000 or (if running campy) a dual pivot front and standard rear.

If running sram, EE brakes are a nice way to drop some grams, negligible difference, performance wise.

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by CXTony

I too say EE over the GSL. They are a bit fiddly looking but work great and are very light.
The new Dura-ace brakes are pretty slick though if you are running Shimano.

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by cajer

I emailed Craig recently. He is supposed to be coming out with an aero version of the eebrake in about a month with a carbon fairing over the front.

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by Montana

I have Ciamillo an EE - and the EE product is far superior. I have had issues with Ciamillo's service and never needed to contact EE as there product has been flawless.

I too did not like the looks at first but I bought a pair and they have grown on me and rather like them. They are a engineering marvel - you won't regret

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by Dammit

EE all the way, it's even quite therapeutic to service them.


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by audiojan

I have multiple bikes with different Ciamillo brakes (Zero Gravity, Gravitas Micro GLS) and a bike with EE. The Gravitas are nice, but they still tend to move around a bit over time (the constant plague of single pivot design) and although they're the best Ciamillo brakes in terms of modulation and pure stopping ability, they are nowhere near as good as EE's. I can honestly say that the EE's are better than Campy Super Record brakes (which is as close to a reference as I have, since I had those on my bike before changing to EE).

This is a no contests… EE brakes would be my choice by FAR. Especially in the steep descends around SW PA (yep, live here too)
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by kode54

ditto on EE brakes. Craig is superb with customer service and support. flawless and excellent brakes.
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by EvoUltimate

kode54 wrote:ditto on EE brakes. Craig is superb with customer service and support. flawless and excellent brakes.


by Weenie

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