Hollowgram SI vs DA9000 Crankset

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by Ltoddokc

Hello everyone, I'm looking to drop some weight and improve shifting on my 2014 cannondale synapse that I've upgraded to ultegra 6870 di2 shifting. I can't find much info on the base model cannondale crank, just curious how it would compare to the DA model (I'm not a fan if the looks of the ultegra version). That's is provided that I can get the DA version to fit, I've read different views on this but I'm inclined to believe that it will fit using a mix of wheels manufacturing adapters.

So which would you choose?

by Weenie

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by mannymerc

I have DA 9000 on one of my bikes and is the best shifting I ever had in the front, so shifting would be great, not the lightest crankset out there but it shines everywhere else.

As for the cannondale crank, is really stiff, light and I think it looks good, with the right chainrings it would be killer, if you can find it use in good shape, otherwise is like 800 bucks for the whole deal, if you want to spend the money, get the cannondale sisl.

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by jpanspac

With di2 front shifting will be great no matter what crank you use.
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by CXTony

Look for the SiSL - one of the nicest cranksets on the market and native to the Cannondale frames (no adapters needed and causing squeaks)

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by TheDarkInstall

Fitting; DA9000 is a Shimano crank. The Cannondale Synapse is a PF30. Just get a Shimano to PF30 BB; Shimano make one, Praxis make one, etc.

I have the SiSL2 crankset. It is very good indeed, extremely light and stiff, but if you want something that will just fit, forget and ride, go for the DA9000. It is the gold standard. Well, the black and silver standard...

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by Ltoddokc

Thanks for the input everyone. Di2 definitely is awesome shifting up front on the cranks I have now but would be even better on stiffer chainrings. And let's not discount the weight factor.

I'm leaning towards the DA crank. Unfortunately the synapse is definitely not a PF30 bottom bracket. It's a bb30a which is 73mm wide, 5mm wider than standard, asymmetrically on the drive side.

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by Weenie

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