Zipp 404 NSW vs Enve 4.5 on crosswinds

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by omerhorovitz

so after looking on the internet for some time. i still haven't got a clear answer, what is better in the aspect of crosswinds. I weight around 160lbs. i can get the zipp around 400 euro cheaper then the enve (dt240 hubs). what does this forum think? :)

BTW i think the new Zipp hub is super cool but is it better then lets say then dt240? is it worth the money?
also for long time i was considering the new Bontrager Aeolus 5.
my friends opinion is just to go for the cheaper set of wheel because all of the wheels above are amazing and i will not feel the difference. (i ride a lot and travel with my bike)
so lots of question still need to be answered haha.

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by kkibbler

I agree with your friend.

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by jeffy

which do you *want* the most? get them.

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by omerhorovitz

jeffy wrote:which do you *want* the most? get them.

that's the hard part haha

i want both the same so i am looking at what is better at crosswinds because it is the biggest issue for me

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by wingguy


303NSWs :P

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by omerhorovitz

wingguy wrote:Crosswinds?

303NSWs :P

you make my life so much harder haha
but i want 50-60 profile, i know i will be effect by crosswinds, but if i can i want to minimize it.

so far i go towards the zipp just because they are 400 euro cheaper.
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by superdx

If the Zipps are the 2016 model and you don't have to deal with the recall nonsense, go for those on price alone.

ENVE 4.5s will be what I buy next when my Zipps need a replacement. They're good wheels but the recalls don't exactly inspire confidence when you're descending at 60km/h+. Can't help that tiny nagging thought that at any moment the hub is going to explode, even with the new hubs.

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by pdlpsher1

There's a reason why the Zipp is 400 euros cheaper. You get what you paid for :-)

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by NiFTY

60mm blunt shaped wheels are not hard to handle. If you can't handle 60mm deep wheels at 160lbs you have issues with your bike handling, not the wheels. This is from a 160lb man, who runs 90mm reynolds aero 90s on a TT in serious wind without getting out off the pads and 48mm V shaped meilesteins. It is massiely overtsated how important it is. Massively.
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by Stueys

I run enve 4.5s and can say they are fine in a crosswind, they feel very stable. Not ridden the 404's to compare against so not sure that helps you much. I can say that the 4.5's, built on CK hubs, are a fantastic wheel.

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by dudemanppl

Front hubs exploding wasn't a wide spread issue... I'd get the 404s. The cognition hubs are basically DTs with more engineering.

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by spdntrxi

With those choices.. I go with the cheaper.

400 cheaper is a done deal for Zipp NSW.. And I use enve 3.4 and 6.7

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by Grill

Reynolds Aeros are better in crosswinds than both.

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by Nefarious86

Or go the V3 404 and save a whole lot more again while still getting the 77/177 hubset.

Out of the two tho I would go the NSW404, have seen several cooked Gen2 Enve's and ridden a few pairs, really don't see the hype of them.
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by mpulsiv

Slew of personal opinions and no data. What's the pivot here? Aesthetics and price?

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