campag centaur right shifter spring

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by Monkeyboy3333

Hi all, anyone rebuilt a right hand Campag centaur shifter (powershift)? mechanism appears gone and it's shifting freefall across the block when heading toward the 12th sprocket. Any advise welcomed!!

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by Tenlegs

Don't think you can rebuild them, Campag only sell the complete shifter body assembly (part EC-CE300 ?)
When that happened on my old but similar (Escape version) shifters it was due to the pin that holds the thumb button in the body bending
which meant that the pawl didn't catch on the ratchet mechanism properly, fixed it with a pin I made myself from a bit of tool steel.

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by graeme_f_k

Monkeyboy3333, the best fix is as suggested, a new shifter body complete.
If the lever is three y.o. or less and you have a proof of purchase, it can be looked at as a potential warranty.
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