Which brakes on which bike?

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by davidalone

Long story short: I've got a nice road bike, a bianchi infinito with DA 7800 - except that the brakes are SRAM rival and a quarq riken

I'm building up a cheap TT bike with SRAM force (old 10 speed version) . I've still got the DA 7800 brakes. would it be worth the effort to transfer the rival brakes over to the TT bike and have the DA brakes on the road bike?

pros: well, the DA brakes perform marginally better than the SRAM rivals. which is arguably what you'd want on the road bike since you don't brake much on a TT bike
group integrity on both bikes

Cons: the road bike gets a little heavier.

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by Stefano

Solution- sell me the 7800s and use the money to get yourself some tririg for the TT bike. Or just get like some planetx cnc as a road upgrade and transfer the rival brakes like you were going to do in the first place.

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by eric

You can get the DA brakes about 30g lighter with Ti parts- pivot bolts and various screws. It's a bit of work to replace the pivot bolts but the brakes could probably use a rebuild by now anyhow.

I got the Ti parts from Toronto Cycles.

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