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by crashoveroid


I hope someone can help me my Rotor Crank extractor ring got cross threaded when removing to replace my Bottom Bracket. now the threads are ruined i cant remove the crank.

Any ideas people as i really need to get this done as the sound of a creaking BB is driving me crazy.


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by Geoff

Can you back-out the appliance? If you can, you may be able to re-cut the threads. If not, you may need to cut the appliance out and pull the crank with a gear puller. You might also pull the other arm out and get it out that way, too.

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by rmerka

Try using a wooden dowel rod placed on the spindle in the hole where the ring is supposed to go and tapping the end of the spindle until frees itself from the drive side crank arm.

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by CXTony

If you can get the extractor ring out of the crank, it should be possible to retap the arm (might need to take it to a machinist to fill and recut the aluminum or to make you a slightly larger ring)
As rmerka said, one the ring is out you should be able to tap out the crank with a punch and a mallet.

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