Bitex ED Hubs?

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by myhui

Where are the specs for these hubs? I am dealing with Farsports now, and they tell me these are better hubs compared to generic ones from Bitex that they otherwise would use on my wheel. But I've read on here many times that Bitex makes those "ED Hubs". Yet I can find no mention of "ED Hubs" on Bitex's web pages.

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by eric

They sure look like Bitex when you take them apart.... same freehub, same construction.
They may not be a model that's on Bitex's web site. For sure they won't be called Edhub- that's FarSports name for them. Bitex hub model names are like RAR13.

The Edhub is lighter than the lightest Bitex I have seen, but lose weight by using 6802 bearings all around rather than a larger bearing for the DS of the hub. I recommend not getting the ceramic bearings. I and some others have had them die young. Better to put some good steel bearings in yourself.

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by myhui

Mae at Farsports tells me this time they'll give me TPI bearings and not Enduro bearings, since Enduro bearings have had spotty quality problems.

TPI is a huge manufacturer that mostly caters to the automotive manufacturers.

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by Qman

ED hubs seem to be the same as Bitex RAF10/RAR9. See this previous thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=111100&start=0

Some people on this forum have complained about the ceramic bearings wearing out quickly, so that's probably why they are suggesting different bearings.

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