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by mjduct

Juanmoretime wrote:The coolest helmet I have to date is my current Catlike Whisper plus. I love the helmet but am not fond of the price.

My best was a catlike, the specialized and my current aeon don't hold a candle to it, I'm looking to try the new POC octal...

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by mannymerc

1 catlike
2 prevail
3 kask mojito( I just like this one)

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by hasbeen

Does the wisper plus have better ventilation than the Mixino?
I always had a climbing helmet that I removed the retention device from to cut quite a few grams from the lid. I come from old fashioned straps only helmets though.
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 step racier than a hybrid bike

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by natiedean24

Specialized Prevail is incredible on both ventilation and weight.

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by Dammit

I've worn the Prevail(and before that the S2 I think it was?) for years, they are good lids- however they always seem to end up wonky. I've just ordered a Mixino after some extensive "wobble testing" at a local bike shop.

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by Tamu8104

I have the Catlike Mixino. It's the new lighter version of the Whisper. It's a great fitting helmet and has fantastic ventilation.
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by 573

esfrost wrote:Uvex Race 1 (old name: Uvex FP1). Lightest helmet ever, its 205 gramms.

The Giro Prolight is marketed at 175grams (small) 195g (medium).

They weigh up slightly less, this is a medium:



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by micky

My Giro Aeon medium was 198gramms but the topic is about ventilation. :wink:

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Are there two versions of the Catlike Mixino - EN and CPSC - available for sale? I wonder if the EN-version is lighter.

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by bombertodd

I've had a Giro Aeon and Prolight, but my Catlike Whisper cools much better.

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

...OK, I'm placing an order for a Catlike Mixino from the EU.

I've ridden with a Catlike Whisper (not sure if it was a Plus) and liked it, but coming from the lighter Speci Prevail causes me a bit of pause.

Here goes!

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by Rick

Based on the opinions here, and combined with availability and price, I ended up getting a Giro Aeon off ebay.

~197 grams; fits very well; and it is definitely the best ventilated helmet I have owned. It was an immediate and obvious improvement over the Prolight.


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by wangsanegara

My personal opinion:
1. Catlike Whisper Plus
2. Specialized Prevail
3. POC Octal <--- my current helmet


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by mdeth1313

I went from giro helmets, tried a few others and then started using the catlike whisper, then whisper plus and now the mixino. Not much difference in ventilation between the mixino and whisper plus, but the retention system is so much better. None of the giro helmets came close to the catlike for ventilation and I had the boreas, pneumo, aeon and one other.
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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Just replaced my Speci Prevail (EN version, sz L and 230g) with a Catlike Mixino (EN version, sz L and 240g).

Aside from an annoying strap design that would rattle against my cheeks in certain circumstances at speed, the Prevail was a fine helmet. I never had an issue with over-heating in it. I half cracked the lowest horizontal element on the front after ~3 years of me pushing it against my forehead to squeeze sweat out of my headband. (Plus I don't want any Speci gear, but that's another story.)

Before the Prevail, I rode a Catlike Whisper or Whisper Plus. It worked fine for me, but the allure of the lighter Prevail won me over. Anyhow, I'm back with Catlike after reading a bunch of positive reviews on their Mixino. First ride is tomorrow morning.

I vaguely remember this being the case with my Whisper (also sz L), but I had to open up the Mixino's retention system quite a lot to fit my dome inside it. By comparison, I had to really tighten up the Prevail's retention system to get it to stay on my head. In the mirror, the Mixino looks far more compact on my head than the Prevail. However, the Prevail is no more than 1-2cm wider and longer in reality.



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