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by Rick

If ventilation for long, hot climbs were the only criterion, what would be the best helmet ?

If weight were considered, would that change the answer much ?

I had a Giro Atmos in the past that seemed pretty good. Now, I am using a Giro Prolight, which is very light, but the heat seems to build up noticeably more.

Louis Garneau X-Lite ?
Specialized Prevail ?
Other ?

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by uraqt

I went from a PNEUMO to a ATMOS and I hated it, weighed significantly more and didn't vent as well...I was so shocked about the weight I put it on the scale. Who builds a product for your head and makes the "newer better" version heavier than the old one ....

I would guess I am the only person in the world who preferred the PNEUMO over the ATMOS, I hunted on the web for days/months before I bought the ATMOS and there were no bad reviews back then. The ATMOS is lame....

The AEON is much better than the ATMOS lighter and better cooling... Not sure if AEON cools than the PNEUMO but it's close.

I am thinking about replacing the AEON with a rereleased PNEUMO as the weight is going to be close or the POC OCTAL CE-version after some more users review them... I would also guess that there is a small chance that we will get a new top of the line Giro this winter/early 2015 so I am not in a rush...

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by Ozrider

Specialized Prevail is very well ventilated. Nice and light and good airflow.
My brand new Bontrager Velocis feels well ventilated, but as it is winter here I'm unable to do a comparison in hot weather

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by Juanmoretime

The coolest helmet I have to date is my current Catlike Whisper plus. I love the helmet but am not fond of the price.

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by racingcondor

I'll second the Prevail. Can see the Whisper being a good option too.

Last time I looked for a helmet Cratoni's top of the range helmet had huge vents so that's probably worth a look. Sees that they still make it.

Link -

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by ToffieBoi

Catlike Whisper was better ventilated than the Prevail when I tried both.

I am riding with my second Whisper now, and really happy with the ventilation.

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by davidalone

I have both the catlike and the prevail. both are well ventilated, but the prevail is just better. airflow through the helmet is well thought out, and it's light. really light.

for the money, also, the build quality of the catlike is appalling considering what you pay for it. the cradle doesn't last and feels cheap.

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by esfrost

Uvex Race 1 (old name: Uvex FP1). Lightest helmet ever, its 205 gramms. 20 vents, very, very comfy, great looking helmet. Been using mine for more than 2 years now. The ratchet system is nice, works pretty well. Never ever had problem with overheating up there. The whole helmet is small, so you don't look like a mushroom that just crawled out of the woods. The low weight really helps when your are more than 4 hours in the saddle... Just bought another one, this time in carbon-white (the first one is black-grey-red). Highly recommend this helmet to anyone who is looking for a great looking and low weight helmet. You can score one on ebay for like a 100 bucks, which is a bargain, if we're talking about high end road helmets.

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by Rick

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

That Cratoni Terron looks like it has to be excellent on ventilation. Anyone actually tried one ?

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by 53x12

I will second the Uvex recommendation. I love my helmet. Best ventilation of any helmet I have owned. Light weight. Great design and I also think it looks great. Plus the ratchet system is very easy and works well.
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by efeballi

The Scott Vanish is very well ventilated but I tested for only 50 km. Now using Scott Wit-R and it's quite good too.

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by FIJIGabe

Can't go wrong with the Aeon. Not too bulky, very light and very ventilated. My favorite helmet, thus far.
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by micky

Another vote for the Aeon.
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by NealH

The Specialized Prevail rules the roost in ventilation - imho. Your forehead sits slightly away from the helmut body which seems to further improve cooling.

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by bm0p700f

Just got the whisper and love it.

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