0-offset seatpost for oval carbon rails

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by mjduct

Well the title says it all, I just sent my saddle back to Italy to be repaired( great CS so far by Fizik BTW)

I've got a feeling that my Easton EC90 seatpost might be part of the culprit, (slightly narrower than the rails, might have pulled one out of the epoxy bonding it to the shell) do you guys have any other 0-offset posts that work well with the braided carbon rails? I'd like to keep the weight under 200 grams, this would be for a 27.2 diameter.


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by Ozrider

Enve and Bontrager do 27.2mm posts with adapters for saddles with carbon rails. I use both and no issues with my San Marco Regale Carbon saddles

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by MoreRideTime

Thomson make zero offset posts in 27.2.

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by mrd

deda superlegerro is about 185g and 12mm offset, works fine with braided carbon because it clamps top and bottom.

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by mjduct

MoreRideTime wrote:Thomson make zero offset posts in 27.2.

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I've been looking at this a 27.2 in 250mm length would work on my bike (I'm short) and would only weight about 150 grams...

Lighter, stiffer, and better functioning? Sounds like a winner!

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by BRM

Focus on comfort > Syntace P6 Hiflex

Focus on lowweight > Smud carbon seatpost

Dunno how old your Easton is but there was a recall some time ago.
http://bgindy.com/articles/easton-ec90- ... pg1299.htm

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by shimmeD

KCNC alloy :D, cut-down<150g :D :D
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by Causidicus

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by Lugan

I happen to have just mounted a Fizik Aliante with oval carbon rails to a Thomson zero setback post (going on a NOS Merckx Team SC) and initial fit is perfect. Thomson posts are hard to beat.

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by mjduct

Thanks lugan probably going that route... Performance has triple points this weekend :)

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by jmartpr

On the KCNC I would recommend their new Carbon rail support kit......

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by martinko

I've got Pro Vibe UD Carbon 0mm offset seatpost which can hold oval rails see here). Unfortunately, it's pretty heavy with 195g and may be not good for me (I consider selling it).

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