Bottom Bracket issues with my R3 Temperatur???

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by ANV

Hi guys,

It already happened twice to me, that my Bottom bracket started to make every time when I was in the 3 o clock position TACtactac. The first time it happened, it was more than 25°C probably 4 weeks ago, and today it happened again and itwas more than 30°C. Between these two times it was normal for one month. But today and the first time it was really loud. It's a Cervelo R3 105 and its more or less new. max 1000km. Is it possible that it is in connection with the temperature?
I brought the bike last week to a bike shop. They told me that if it's not acting weird at the moment they wouldn't take it apart.

Pleas share your thoughts!

Best regardes,

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by johnnyscans

I'd recommend doing a bunch of reading and searching. While it may sound like a BB issue there are a ton of potential culprits including, but not limited to: quick release skewers, stem bolts, pedals, cleats. If you've found out that it's the bottom bracket you need to make sure that the BBRight installation instructions were followed. has a bunch of good information. Hutch knows what he's talking about.

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by ANV

I'm 99.999% sure its something with the bottom bracket!! It made noise when i've put no pressure on it and just spined it with my hand while lifting the bike up.

But thanks!

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by rma

I have a 2012 R3 and had a few noises from the BB in the beginning. I removed the cranks and the bottom bracket itself. Then re-installed it using a proper retaining compound from Loctite (check and said goodbye to those noises. That was around 1 year ago. Last week a little noise started again, I removed the cranks again and just cleaned the bearings and axle, lubed with good grease and re-installed the cranks... 3 rides so far and spinning like new! Hope it helps!
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by em3

...use the search bar on the Cervelo thread where u posted the same query. Every week there seem to b 3 to 4 posts on the Cervelo forum, about clicks and noises coming from BB and nearly all BB issues r resolved after proper installation. As RMA posted above, u need to make sure ur BB cups have been properly installed using corrct Loctite gap filling compound. Print the instructions and take them to ur LBS. EM3

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by ANV

I know that many people have problems with the BB.. But WHY does it change in hot weather. There is no logical solution which I can think of.. But I'll bring it again to my LBS....

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by mjduct

Heat makes things change sizes and it makes lubricants more viscous...

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