Cannondale Synapse Carbon BB30A(!) Adaptor creak remedy

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by harrisonsimon

Inevitably with a BB30 I have creak issues.. I've researched many views here and elsewhere and had settled on the Praxis Works solution planning to go from the FSA crankset to a similar compact Ultegra FC6750.

To my horror I've now found that for reasons best known to C'dale my BB is 73mm wide and not the usual 68mm.

Not only does Praxis Works not fit but neither will Ultegra FC6750 even if I shim my current BB30A with Wheels Manufacturing adaptors, as the FC6750 is only good for BB 68mm to 70mm.

Does anyone know of any other solutions for me or am I stuck with the FSA crankset and repeatedly dismantling the BB..?


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by Zigmeister

Try Loctite 609. I've run this on Cannondale, and now as a precaution for my Scott Foil PF86.

If the bearings ever need servicing, using heat can allow you to unseize the compound to allow them to be replaced.

That is what Cannondale recommends for various things related to BB30 shells/bearings.

Cannondale part number KP218

The activator is like a primer/cleaner that allows for quicker setting.

250C temp to disassemble. But me thinks that lower temp, then using a drift would allow it to be removed...haven't done that part yet personally.

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by harrisonsimon

Thanks for that..
Is 250 of heat okay with carbon?

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by secteur

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by harrisonsimon

Hi Secteur,

Right I am sorted.. I got new bearings and an adaptor kit from Wheels Manufacturing as follows:
BB30-AC-KIT BB30 Angular Contact Bearing & Clip Kit
BBUNIV-SHIM BB/PF30 Universal Adapter for 24mm Spindle Cranks (Shimano, FSA, etc.)

This is a universal shim rather than the BB30 specific one as the BB on our Synapse is slightly wider as it is a BB30A.

I now have a Shimano Ultegra 6700 Cransket fitted..

Sadly this wasn't the creak I was having..

Having recon'd my pedals I established it was my rear wheel. I had upgraded from the Shimano that came with the Synapse to SwissSide Francs. these turned out to be the problem..

I contacted SwissSide and they said sometimes some grit gets into the freehub and causes clicking; they also provided a link to the really easy service process which basically involves taking the free hub off with an allen key (inc cassette) and wiping and poking around with a cotton bud into all the corners and wiping any muck off.

Did a 40 mile spin today and absolute silence apart from whirr of the chain going round. Bliss..!

I probably didn't need to upgrade the BB but I am really pleased with the Ultegra cranks.

I suggest to you that it may not be the BB30A causing the problem and it may be worth looking elsewhere unless you fancy an upgrade, particularly since your bike is brand new (I've done nearly 3k miles on mine). almost certainly going to be some other metal on metal situation moving together I would think.

Hope all the above helps in any event..

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by Ltoddokc

Harrison, HUGELY HELPFUL!! Thank you so much for the part numbers from Wheels MFG. I will now be ordering this kit soon. I did speak to Cannondale tech support this afternoon about fitting a DA9000 crank to my Synapse. I was told that they will be coming out with a kit for fitting a Shimano crank into a BB30a frame soon. She said a month or two.

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by harrisonsimon

Hi Ltoddokc,
No problem.. there are so many different things that creak on bikes we all need to help each other..! :-)

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by Bassett

I have just joined the forum to reply to this topic.
2015 synapse hi mod which after 150 miles started creaking badly regreased it but just got worse eventually sent the chainset back to the UK importer as I was convinced it was faulty and fitted a new seam red chainset( which fits if you remove the plastic none drive side ajuster and shim it with a spacer and use the wavey washer that both come in a scram bb30 bearing kit).
Anyway creak started again within a few miles ...
Again fitted some new bearings the shop supplied and no difference ... Then I took out the fork and seat post and regreased them and that solved it .
I'm fairly sure it was the seat post even though it had some fsa carbon grease stuff on it but I'm just greatful it's sorted .
Final note the UK importer still has not returned the chainset to the shop after the best part of 5 weeks which does not bother me to much as a bought another chainset but does not bode well for there service.

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by H0RSE

From BB creaking you jumped to the fork and back again to the seat post which sorted your BB issue. Must remember that for next time.

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