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by mannymerc

So, in the next month or so I want to put together another crit bike, this time around I want to use a brand that is not seen very often here(except for the specialized)so I narrow it down to this few frames, the problem is that I never ridden them and Im wanna take the chance anyway, it would be really really helpful to hear form the guys that have had experience with this particular frames, so, some feedback would be nice to have, thanks in advance.

It will be equip with sram red, if that matters at all.

Falco Saker

Specialized allez e5

Soul Faith

And lastly Velocite Selene, thanks in advance guys.

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by xnavalav8r

Spooky, Tsunami, FTW, Rose, Van Dessel, Schwinn (Fastback), Rock Lobster

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by 53x12

I like the Allez out of those options. Could do much worse for $800 and change.
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by mannymerc

true. the Rose looks really good, but price plus shipping is kind of ridiculous.

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by btompkins0112

FTW (Frank the Welder) would be siiiiiiick

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by nathanong87

gaulzetti corsa
baum correcto


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by AndreLM

A Felt AR15 (in alumium) would be nice, but finding a frameset in US would be almost impossible, I think. No experience with it, btw.

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by 4crosswheels

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Storck Visioner.

Spec Allez is a great call too.

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by bmxbandit

Our team has Scott Speedster's for training and crits where they expect pile ups! They love them to bits, they're a really fun bike to ride, would definitely recommend them.

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by NealH

Another vote for the Allez E5. Priced right and benchmark performance. Really good race bike.

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by tinozee

This is a good topic. I agree with all of the suggestions, there is really a lot to choose from. I love the look of those long size Gaulzettis.

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by drider85

Depending on where you live Canyon Ultimate AL

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by whydobearsxplod

I Second Spooky or FTW. :thumbup:

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by mannymerc

Storck looks good is not a light frame tho... Im in USA. I would get the Rose, but the shipping is a bit, high, might be worth it tho.

Anything on the other frames listed??? any riding experience?
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