Alchemy Hub Recall -- Stop using every ORC-UL

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by WMW

tantra wrote:I understand he already has a modification to the orc-ul hub that passed all tests. It just has to be produced.

I don't really want to bother Jeremy right now... he can provide clarification if he wishes. But what I understood from talking to him a couple weeks ago is that he was planning to replace the "nose" that is the part that bolts onto the DS side of the hubshell. The DS bearing goes into the end of it and the freehub rides on top of it. What I think he said is that this part broke at the hubshell. Just one instance at that time with a heavy rider, but he thought it was a fatigue issue and might eventually break under anyone. He had a fix in mind that was being extensively tested.

Anyway, I'm guessing that the redesigned part *didn't* pass his testing, and that a more extensive rework is needed... else he wouldn't be going to the extravagant route of giving all his customers a rebuild with a hub made by someone else.
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by asv

I sent my Orc-ul enve 3.4 build to alchemy this week. Never had an issue with the hub but I use a pacenti-tune build I got from ergott for my daily wheelset so I only had about 700 miles on the hub.

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by KWalker

Talked to Jeremy this morning and the revised part did, in fact, pass all testing protocols with flying colors, however, when he increased the load dramatically it did not. Seeing as how this is a huge ordeal right now and the old hub passed all tests he does not want to take a chance again. This is very respectable IMO.
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by ABW

We were made aware of this thread this morning. Our apologies for not getting a posting here sooner.

Dear ORC-UL owner,
As we hope you know, we have discovered a potential safety issue with the ORC-UL hubs. We have been trying to personally contact every owner of an ORC-UL hub. To do this, we have attempted to get all customer contact information from the retailers who sold the hubs. Originally, we were convinced that the issue applied only to hubs manufactured prior to September of 2013. However, we have decided that our best course of action is to have all ORC-UL hubs returned.

We advise that you cease to ride any rear wheel equipped with an ORC-UL hub.

We will work with you to replace the hub with one of your choosing up to the value of the ORC-UL.

You can work directly with us, with your original dealer, or with a local builder of your choice.

Please contact us @ (505) 983-8393

We will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

Resolution is contingent upon return of the ORC-UL hub.

We sincerely apologize for any delays in responding to people. If we don't answer the phone, please leave a message. We will respond to all messages.

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by Mackers

I just want to say that you are an example to all of us.

Cycling needs more people like you.

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by Hawkwood

I feel sad about this, and I don't have an Alchemy hub. I've seen good reviews for these hubs. I hope the problem can be sorted out, and the company keeps going.

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by AndreLM

I just purchased a set of wheels laced to Tune 70/170, but I wanted Alchemy (not available at the time). Even if I had purchased the Alchemy's I know that it would have been a good decision. Thank you for showing the best possible attitude for your customers, at a difficult moment. You will definitely be my choice in the future.

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by mikeyc

I have an ORC-UL hub in my Enve 45 wheel and I just love it. I'm very sad to hear this news since I'm happy with the wheelset and hub and would rather keep it as is. Kudos to Jeremy from Alchemy for alerting ORC owners about this issue and for dealing with the problem in a very pro-active and responsive manner. I know this will not be a cheap fix but on the other hand Alchemy will gain respect from the cycling community and I would definitely consider buying Alchemy bikes/parts in the future given the way they treat their customers.

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by Lugan

Jeremy is an example to all of us, and General Motors could probably learn something here too.

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by kac

I've used ORC/ELF hubs for years with no problems whatsoever. Alchemy has answered every inane and obvious question I've asked promptly and courteously. I hope this isn't a terminal event for the company. They do a really nice job.

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by xnavalav8r

I don't own Alchemy hubs. But I will likely buy some in the future. Gotta love a persona and/or company that stands so firmly behind their product and their customers.

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by SDP

I'm with ted on this
My next wheel set will have alchemy hubs..chapeau sir..

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by spdntrxi

I use the ELF in the front.. outstanding hub. If I didn't want the power tap,I would be using said ORC-UL. I hope things get worked out, I would buy them again with no hesitation.

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by bluesea

spdntrxi wrote:I use the ELF in the front.. outstanding hub. If I didn't want the power tap,I would be using said ORC-UL. I hope things get worked out, I would buy them again with no hesitation.

I ordered and received an ELF hub a couple of weeks ago. Alchemy is a personable and first class operation. Wish them the best, and I plan to support them in the future.

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by Zigmeister

KWalker wrote:I figured I would be discreet about this, but I wanted to chime in and give Jeremy and Alchemy some much needed praises for their customer service.

Apparently I was the first to have this issue. I was riding and all of a sudden my cassette seized up causing my rear wheel to lock up on a descent. Luckily I crashed into grass. I'm not a hub expert but it seemed that the drive side bearing cracked or seized in the hub shell somehow. I had ridden the wheels for about two months and I must say that I found the build and the hubs completely awesome. During that time period I rode on generally good roads with quite a bit of racing and no big impacts. The hubs came to me with very little use and were built by a very reputable builder. It really bums me to hear that there is no fix as I would gladly ride Jeremy's/Alchemy hubs any time. Their service has been fast and direct and they have been absolutely great to deal with. They pushed hub design in a sensible direction when there wasn't many options wth high bracing angles and still make the stiffest build up hub out there.

If you don't mind answering, when did this occur?

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