Sram red hidden vs non hidden bolt

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by Mikev81

Hi all,

I was hoping someone would help me figure out which chain rings I can purchase to replace my current set.

I have a quarq that came with Sram Red XGlide Hidden Bolt Chainrings 53/39. From what I understand the hidden bolt vs non is mostly to do with the front deraileur - is that correct? What i'd like to know is do I have to buy the hidden bolt or can I replace the current chainrings with non hidden bolt version? If so, anything that I need to keep mind or be aware of if not going with hidden bolt?

Aside from the powermeter, cranks and chainrings I run ultegra everywhere else.

Thanks so much for the help on advance.

Chainrings on the bike now except 53/39 ... OgodlxQA0w

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by excremanwu

for your reference

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by Mikev81

Sorry - I don't get the reference? I know what it looks like - I was hoping someone would know if replacing my hidden chainrings with non-hidden would cause any issues with my Ultegra setup.

thanks again!

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by rijndael

The catch pin on the outside of the big ring will not be lined up with crank arm.

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