The all new Pinarello Dogma F8...

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by ultimobici

micky wrote:And "fotto" is quite a funny word in italian. :lol:
funny or naughty? I think someone at Pinarello will be looking for a new job soon!! Lol

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by goodboyr

That aero crap about half the bike being "invisible" to the wind and the forks acting as sails is an amazing level of bs and misinterpretation of aero results.....even for pinarello.

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by airwise

fifty3 wrote:really don't think S5 and R5 are on the same level as RCA

Price wise you are right. In terms of how team riders will perform on them however :wink:

Nothing like a new Dogma to have the usual suspects foaming at the mouth about unnecessary this and that and terrible weight penalties.

Meanwhile they keep selling worldwide and winning Grand Tours.

Hey ho.

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by thencameyou

hmmm. so lighter than the previous boat anchors. but still not a 'normal person' frame size IMO. overpriced/overmarketed. still not that keen...

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by djconnel

Pinarellos model is to pile on enough carbon to maximize ride quality, then mislead about mass. They're good bikes but it's too bad they can't just be honest about it.

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by jimaizumi

As much as I loved my FPX, I have not been able to to stomach the Dogma's ever since they went carbon. I somewhat knew that it would come down to that on the evolutionary platform within the cycling world but not sure what to make of the new F8.

I understand that the squiggly forks and seatstays were not everybodys cup of tea.. but it is a trademake that made Pinarello what it is to remove that trademark would be like debadging a prestigous Louis Vuitton hadbag.. Others would know that it was still a Louis Vuitton, however it just wouldn't be the same.. thats my take on the F8.

Not to mention the bowl legged fork... Hmmmm...
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by markyboy

madonna wrote:Hi Chinarello Factory,

There is a new inspiration for you...

They most likely have it ready at the moment :lol:
Pinarello f8 sram etap
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by Nejmann

Let the hate begin :mrgreen: I love it!

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by bikewithnoname

don't like it personally, the trend to make road bikes look like TT bikes does nothing for me.

Sure it would be great to ride though, and I do think it's an improvement on the wavy legged Dogma
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by nickl

ichobi wrote:Image

I don't mind it, and I hated the old Dogma. But hmm..


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by Bogan

The similarities between the F8 and the Willier aren't exactly overwhelming. Both fine frames. Have a fondness for Willier lines.
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by ichobi

Will these aero road bikes end up looking similar like the current crop of TT bike?

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by HammerTime2

Lame review.

I'm waiting for bikesnobnyc's review. I want to know whether the new Dogma handles corners like a prostitute, etc.

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by nickl

Bogan wrote:The similarities between the F8 and the Willier aren't exactly overwhelming. Both fine frames. Have a fondness for Willier lines.

It's the combination of the arched top tube and the seat stays meeting the seat tube 2/3's the way up that made me think of the Wilier.

The BMC TMR01 has the seat stay/seat tube thing too, but without the arched top tube.

I don't like the arched top tube because of the reduced clearance. My Cento SR1 has a Look-695-like top tube, which I much prefer.

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