The all new Pinarello Dogma F8...

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by TK421

Gone are the horrible & ridiculous wobbles on the previous model. It was way tooo painful to watch...

Although there are still some gimmicky lines on the frame with no apparent function (fork, rear stays, seat tube)...its a massive step forward I have to admit.

I will patiently wait and see what the feedback is with all these improvements. May even consider to buy one...

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by TK421

stoney wrote:(Pinarello dropped Movistar as their bike sponsor).

We don't know for a fact who dropped who, do we? With Canyons being so good, it could well be the other way around and not having to pay extra just for the name..

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

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thencameyou wrote:
Claims: - Size 54 weight 860g without paint and hardware

given Pinarello's optimistic weight claims on their previous flagship frames, I would be inclined to disbelieve this until I see the frame on a set of scales. I will be VERY surprised if a frame with hardware/paint in a 'normal person' size comes out below 1100g.
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by vdrey

beanbiken wrote:
maxxevv wrote:
Causidicus wrote:
redcard wrote:Changing the name of their flagship is obviously a difficult concept for you to comprehend.

Not difficult at all. However, if you'd like to provide any evidence and facts to support your denigration, please go ahead, Mr Know It All.

This IS the replacement model to supersede the Dogma 65.1 Think2.

What made you think otherwise ? :noidea:

That is the way I read it also. Can't imagine Sky riding a second tier frame

Steve M.

I agree with you, but on the other hand, half of the garmin team is riding S3s.

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by HammerTime2

The new ONDA F8 fork has a 54% lower aerodynamic impact and is about 10% lighter than the ONDA 2.
I always thought the squiggles added unnecessary weight. And I guess the squiggles were more disruptive to air flow.

Our exclusive partner, TORAY has named Pinarello the only bike brand to use the new T11001K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology.
I'm disappointed. I was hoping for Nanoceramics. Everyone knows nano is good, and ceramics is better than alloy, hence Nanoceramics is better than Nanoalloy.

But most disappointing of all
The DOGMA F8 was born to excite.
I find schoolgirl sparkles and non-functional squiggles which add weight while increasing aerodyanamic drag to be exciting. Without these, how can I be excited?

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by goodboyr

980 actual weight.....state of the art! I'm always fascinated that here at WW, there are posters that allow pinarello to get away with all their marketing bs including a heavy weight. There should be a separate forum for them.

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by mjduct

Jeykll what size is that frame?

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by maxxevv

vdrey wrote:
I agree with you, but on the other hand, half of the garmin team is riding S3s.

"S3"or the "S5" you mean ? :noidea:

S5 and R5/RCa are parallel top-of-the-range offerings from Cervelo.

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by vdrey

No need to quote both posts above

No, I mean the S3.

They have been riding them a lot lately. ... -for-2014/

http://wemakerunningcool.files.wordpres ... min-s3.jpg ... 61x440.jpg

It is even the bike they brought to the team presentation at the start of the giro ... 38_670.jpg

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by fifty3

really don't think S5 and R5 are on the same level as RCA

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by BRM

It really looks like a Chinese design . . . :(

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by vdrey

I just noticed this, and I'm not OCD, but it is REALLY bothering me.

Look at the title.

"The all new Pinrello Dogma F8"


That needs to be fixed.


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by mile2424

Pretty interesting white paper posted on Pinarello's website when you click on download model images on the right side of the page....


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by Pharmstrong

It's called the F8 because it's the 8th generation of the Dogma. This is the new flagship. Coincidently the name in Italian would be "f otto" :D

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by micky

And "fotto" is quite a funny word in italian. :lol:

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