Shimano 6870 or Shimano 9000?

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by Ahillock

Thinking of what group to go with for a new bike and I am debating between 6870 and 9000. Anyone spend a decent amount on both groups that can speak to this? I have been reading about issues with 9000 and cables/housing issues and other problems riders have been experiencing. I haven't followed it closely enough to know if those issues have been fixed. 6870 being a little heavier isn't that big of a deal for me as I think some of the other benefits of Di2 make up for the extra weight over 9000.

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by dmoneysworks

IMHO - If you go with a DA 9000 group just make sure you get the 9001 STIs and 6800 cassette. I run that exact setup & had thousands of flawless km's but if my frame (F01L 40) was Di2 compatible I'd run 6870 in a minute!!

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by FIJIGabe

If weight isn't an issue (why are you on WW then???), then go with Di2, unless you love the feel of mechanical components. Regarding the DA shifters, I don't know if anyone has tried them with cables from another manufacturer. I presently have the DA9000 STI shifters, running Yokozuna cables, which I think are thicker (albeit, heavier). I've got about 2000 miles on that setup, and haven't noticed an issue with the cable. I'm coming up on a big cleaning soon, so I'll report in on the status of the cables. I also put a drop of chain lube in the shifters, along the cable path, just to make sure it isn't a problem with the cables being chafed.

With regard to the cassette, the thread on here is pretty good. One thing to note, however, is that it appears that Shimano did a small revision to the DA cassettes, adding an additional rivet to the cassette body, thus strengthening it. Personally, I run 6800 cassettes on my setup (DA9000 mechanical).
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by Ahillock

"If weight isn't an issue (why are you on WW then???),"

I'm apparently here for the same reasons you are. Just like the reason why you are running Shimano 9000 instead of SRAM Red. If weight was everything, that would be a boring and stressful life. Weight is one of the aspects to consider, but there are many others as well.

I'm not talking about running Claris or Sora. Weight is important to me, but not the most important. Just like you brother.

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by thencameyou

9000 front shift is incredible, as good as Di2 IMO. I actually prefer the mechanical in most settings. (currently running 9000 on best bike and 6870 on trainer) I have Nokon cabling on the 9000 bike and haven't had any issues. Also running a combo of 6800 cassettes on training wheels and 9000 (pre-update) for best, no issues with pre-revision shifters or cassette...
6870 has the benefit of basically never needing adjustment and being more tolerant of limited maintenance / riding in the rain, hence why it's on my trainer.

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by dunbar42

With 6800 out there I personally don't see the value in 9000 unless the price difference isn't an issue. I was set on getting 6800 later this year but ran the new polymer coated cables on my 5700 group set. The shift quality was so light/precise but the RD cable was badly fraying after 6 months. So now I'm not so keen to upgrade to 6800 until Shimano sorts out the cables. I test rode 6870 for about 40 minutes and thought it was cool but not life altering (which it sort of needs to be to justify the price IMO.)

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by ToffieBoi

I am riding my 9000 shifters with 6800 group. More than 1000km without any issues. But I heard that problem occurs after long time, so I don't know if my comment is helpful or not.

The best option for you will be trying electronic I guess. If you like the system, go for Ui2. If not, 9000 will be better.

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by Nefarious86

I ride 9000 on my Tarmac and have a pair of crashed 9000 shifters now that I intent to use with 6800 mechs on a crit bike (yes a tiny scuff on the nylon body after changing damaged hood/nameplate was enough to make me buy 9001 shifters for my "nice" bike :( ) I cant see the need for 6870 when 9000 shifts so nice, maintinence asside its also a nicer looking group.
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by Briscoelab

Get the Di2. You'll love it.

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by NRV

Not that it helps much, but I've had (mechanical) 6800 for a couple of months now, and everyone I know could probably say I won't STFU about how much I love it.

If anything, just providing some reassurance that both options could only be a step up from an already great group.

I'm still a fan of mechanical, so I'd personally probably go for the 9000.

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by vtspot

I was too in that position considering 6870 or 9000, at the end, i choose 6870 because electronic shifter is something I like to try the most.

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by AlphaDogCycling

Tangential Question: given the Shimano cassette issues, has anyone run a SRAM cassette? I'm looking to upgrade my Merlin from Dura Ace 9-speed to 6870, and just debating which cassette to go with

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by Nefarious86

6800 is fine. New 9000 are fine. Go with 6800 casette and live happy with weight/$$/durability.
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by istigatrice

Something tells me this is going to be the future Campy vs Shimano question... Chances are you'll love both, but probably for different reasons, eg. light weight vs set and forget. Just depends on what's more important to you?
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by tantra

I am using a SRAM XG1190 cassette (11-28t) with the D/A 9000 groupset. It shifts beautifully, no problems at all. Super quiet on my bike with a KMC chain.

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