PF30 squeak squeak squeak...

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by micropox

Causidicus wrote:I am also guilty of tearing my hair out and tearing down allegedly creaky press fit BB86 BBs multiple times. Then I put a Campagnolo Record skewer in. The creaks vanished immediately. Now I use Campagnolo internal cam skewers exclusively across the board and such creaks are a thing of the past.

The test I suggested is dirt cheap and 100% reversible. Can't hurt to try. If it doesn't cure the creak, at least you have a decent skewer to keep in the toolkit for future use/testing.

had the same experience. was pretty sure that the creak was coming from the press-fit bb, turns out that the cause of the creak was my Carbon-Ti skewers. replaced the skewers with campy and the creak was gone....

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by tnc1970

in my case... it was the wave ring used in the FSA non-drive side crank arm: it wasn't compressed. A 2mm spacer solved it

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