Dura Ace 7850/7900 to 11 speed

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by upside

Does anyone have a way to make the older 7850/7900 wheels capable of running 11 speed. I have seen some pics where one person ground out part of the drive side hub shell. I would prefer something much easier to preserve the integrity of the wheel.
I really love the Dura Ace C24 tubs and the new 9000 c24 tubulars are way over my budget. Thanks

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by petal666

Take a mm off a small section of the hub flange does not effect the hub in any way. I've been riding on modified wheels for over a year now. It can't be done without this modification, ALTHOUGH, installing a 9000 freehub might work, but that's a greater than $200 exercise and expensive if it doesn't fit.


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by ToffieBoi

I did the same modification on my both daily and winter wheels.
They work perfect, without any problems.

Only thing you need to be careful is, if there is enough wall to remove to fit 11 speed cassette. 1 to 2mm is mostly more than enough.

Also don't worry about the using 10 speed back again. You always can put a washer at the end and run 10 speed cassette.

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