Colnago C59 Derailleur Hanger Problems

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by alexaqui

Hi all,

I have a relatively new C59 that is having major shifting problems since it was first put together. At first I blamed it on "breaking in" Campy, extreme weather fluctuations from indoor/outdoor, and just getting back into the sport resulting in me riding the small chainring most of the time where shifting performance was okay. As it turns out, my derailleur hanger appears to be out of alignment. One shop tried to "adjust" it, which just made it worse. I have since ordered a replacement hanger and cannot for the life of me remove one of the screws holding the hanger in place. While I am being very careful, the screw is just beginning to strip, no matter how hard I press on it to keep the tip of the screwdriver in the notches. I am scared to strip it. Any suggestions on how to solve this without further stripping the screw? The first screw I removed had a lot of paint on it; I tried to clean the edges of the stuck screw.

Also, what are the odds that the frame itself is bent? I have had no accidents, drops, major bumps, etc. with the frame. I fear that if the new hanger does not solve the problem, I am going to be in a game of ping pong where the seller will claim it left the store in great shape, the shipper will say I should have indicated problems immediately (it's now 5-6 months later), and the local shop who "adjusted" it will say I brought it in already damaged.

I am pretty devastated. I love this bike and have shelled out a ton of money (e.g., SRM, Enve wheels, Campy SR).

Thanks for any advice on how to at least get through the first hurdle of replacing the derailleur hanger.

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by Calnago

What is a little bit troubling here is that you say that one shop tried to "adjust" it but made it worse. What does that mean, exactly? Did they just adjust the shifting or did they actually remove the derailleur and properly align the derailleur hanger? What did they say when you told them it was worse? If they got the hanger aligned properly, then it's likely not the hanger. Without seeing it it's hard to know where the problem is but things should be able to be "righted" with the proper mechanic. I always check the derailleur alignment on new frames and certainly my C59 needed a tweak out of the box. That should be done on any friend just as part of the build. I've not seen a Colnago frame out of alignment from the factory. If the derailleur hanger isn't broken I'd take it somewhere else and ask them to align it properly. If it breaks, you have a new one in hand. If you end up replacing the hanger you're doing the right thing... Pick out then paint from the screw and around the circumference where paint may be bonding it a bit. If worse comes to worse you can probably use one of those reverse bits specifically made for removing stripped screws. I sometimes use it for removing wrecked cleat screws. Good luck...

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by bombertodd

The shop that tried to adjust it and made it worse I wouldn't go back to again. I'd find a good shop (do some research) and find a place that will sway the hanger for you. If the head strips a good shop will have stripped screw extractor tools.

I would really doubt the frame is bent. Most likely it is the hanger. I've had brand new hangers come bent (both on new frames and replacement hangers). When the shop replaces the hanger I'd ask the mechanic to check the hanger alignment. If it were me, I'd give him $10 and ask that way you have better odds he does it correctly and takes his time.

Since you said you are using a screwdriver I'm assuming it's a phillips head screw. I'd recommend swapping those out for allen head screw. Much easier to deal with in my opinion.

Good luck!

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by Svetty

After wrenching my bikes (and the family collection) for years I finally bought myself a derailleur hanger alignment tool a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been working my way through our various bikes as they get used and need cleaned/serviced. I have found that the majority of hangers are out of alignment - most by a little but a few by an appreciable amount. Most of them shifted OK but shift much better after correcting the hanger (then correctly setting the stop screws and cable tensions :) ).

I wonder why I didn't get a proper tool years ago.........

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