Any thought which grease is the best for Hub steel bearings?

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by tomyboy2

Any thoughts, which grease is the best for Hub steel bearings?

-Shimano Premium Grease(Dura Ace)

-Campagnolo LB-100 Grease
-Morgan Blue Competition Campa Grease
-Finish Line Ceramic Grease


Have all of them at home and I am just fiddling around whitch one would be the best? :noidea:
Or in the end, it would make no difference which one do you use?

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by Causidicus

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by Geoff

Campagnolo, for sure. That smell! They should make it into a perfume. If our wives/gas wore that... as a grease, Campagnolo is made for it by Klubler. I have never been able to get the comparable grease frommthe factory, so it is probably a proprietary blend.

Next, Shimano. With that cool green colour, it really works well, also.

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by Rick

Well, I can't claim it is the best, because I haven't tried that many, but I have tried Park, TriFlow, Finish Line, Shimano, and Phil Wood.
I've also experimented with some heavy marine greases for applications that were just water barriers and didn't need much lubrication.

IMO Phil Wood was the best because it seems slightly lower viscosity and more lubricative, yet stays in place really well. I have taken apart bottom brackets and headsets that haven't been apart for 5+ years and the PW grease still seems just like new.

The ultimate thing seems to be put PW IN the bearings, but put a light layer of heavy marine grease over the top of everything as a water barrier.

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by WMW

What are your requirements? There is quite a large spectrum from low resistance to high and poor durability and contamination resistance to good.

Not that I'd know which one to pick anyway... I imagine all these are good in some fashion.
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Sta-Lube Marine Grease for me. Much cheaper than the bicycle specific ones too.

Probably not the best from a resistance/watts perspective but protects from moisture incredibly well

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by audiojan

Best bearing grease I've found is Phil Wood Bearing Grease. Lasts a very long time and it really keeps things clean and smooth. It's a penalty in resistance, but less so than dirty bearings… :-)
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by xnavalav8r

If you want to lube the bearings and forget about them for a few years, Phil Wood is the way to go. If you don't mind frequent maintenance and are looking for the lowest viscosity (say, for TTs) then go with a lighter grease or even a heavy oil.

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by tomyboy2

I don't want to forget about them. I need something good, low resistance with my decently lightweight wheelset(1.180g)
I am use to opening the hubs every 2-3.000 km and lubing Cermaic Bearings in my old Bora TWO.
So opening this wheelst every, let say 5.000km, is no problem.
On this new wheelset with only 1k km I tride Shimano Premium. So far is OK, only a little bit sticky.
When I opened the front hub, left bearing was almost dry.
I've often heard that it is good to open a new hub and check if bearings are properly greased?

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by mattr

tomyboy2 wrote:I've often heard that it is good to open a new hub and check if bearings are properly greased?
Its not a bad idea, a few manufacturers (both cycle equipment and bearing) put as little grease in as they can get away with!

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by Calnago

Yeah, agree with double checking brand new stuff. I got a set of Campy Chorus Ultratorque bearings once, brand new in box, but they felt a bit dry. Popped off the seal and found no grease at all. Rare but sometimes things get missed. When I got my first set of Bora Ultra Twos with the cult bearings I took them apart just to see what the ceramic bearings were all about. To my surprise I found a small aluminum shard in there. Ouch! Glad I inspected them first.

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