KCNC Garmin Mount Review.

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by Shortsocks

Hi guys/gals.
This is my first review here so bare with me.

I recently went from my K-Edge Garmin mount to the much lighter KCNC Garmin mount. While this is less of a comparison review there will be some sort of comparison.
First off, ordered this KCNC Garmin Mount from FairWheelbikes:


So I had been waiting for the gold one for a bit...they were sold out. My previous mount was a K-edge mount that came in at 50.2 grams on my scale, but they advertise 45 grams. While a great mount, extremely solid, and functioned perfectly I felt that it was on the heavier side for my Garmin 500.

The KCNC came in at 19.1 Grams on my scale but advertised at 19.6 Grams which was surprisingly accurate.
This mount, when first opened, seemed very fragile because they really stripped down all unnecessary metal. The Machined 6061 aluminum seems very clean with no cheap markings or rough areas. It comes in pieces, with no directions and unlike the K-Edge which is very straight forward I had to go the Fair-wheel website to make sure I knew how to put it together correctly.

The KCNC "Clamp Mount" that attaches to the bar has a hinge in it, therefore only requiring one bolt to tighten both "Clamp Mount" and the"Extension Arm" (that controls how far or close the Garmin is to you) with one thin allen screw, unlike the K-Edge that has two big/thick bolts.

The Garmin attaches to the KCNC mount in a much tighter way than the K-Edge. The first time I put the Garmin in the K-edge I was surprised how smooth it was, the KCNC isn't as smooth. In fact, I thought KCNC was broken because it was such a tight fit. Once the Garmin is in the KCNC mount it takes more effort to make sure it is seated properly. Its a MUCH tighter fit. But once its in, its in very securely, more than the K-edge. I have accidentally knocked my Garmin out of the K-Edge before, but I can't see this happening in the KCNC.

As well, once the Garmin is securely in place, you can adjust it up and down with an allen key. This is great for me because when I ride the glare from the Garmin does sometimes blind me when I use the K-Edge.

Overall, the KCNC is a great mount! All of these benefits with less than half the weight of the K-edge! The problems I see with the KCNC is it may not be sturdy for the 800/810. I have tried it with both 500/510 on the K-Edge and its fine. Very solid with no wobbling. I feel that the K-Edge was designed to be able to take the weight of a heavier Garmin, which is does very well. With all of the adjustability, and bling-factor, I am happy with this component. The KCNC Garmin Mount is a TRUE Weight Weenie Component.


by Weenie

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by maxxevv

Just be mindful of the metal contact points "chewing" into the Garmin units with repeated use though.

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by Shortsocks

maxxevv wrote:Just be mindful of the metal contact points "chewing" into the Garmin units with repeated use though.

Thats what I was afraid of too. The Plastic is pretty soft on the Garmin unit. Im going to keep my eye on it for sure. Wonder what I can put on the Mount to lessen the Chewing if there is any.

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by Stolichnaya

19 grams is light, but a true WW mount is roughly 7 grams lighter and made my Tillquist.
But I hear you on the adjustability of the head unit angle to reduce glare; this is a nice option in some situations.

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by 53x12

Glare? Just change background brightness of unit. I never have had issues with glare. Even on cloudless days.
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