Reynolds blue, black prince, campagnolo red? Best Pads for c

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by cajer

I have just heard bad things about the braking power of cork pads, and have heard good things about the new Reynolds stuff. But I guess I'll give the cork a try first.

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by sugarkane

Why? They are not that good and shocking in the wet.
All the new pads that work well and mixed cork and rubber combos of sorts and out perform the corks on every level..
Sure they wear a lot quicker but they don't wear the rims.. And cost very little.
If you want some really awesome pads try the red campag pads. I was very surprised by the stopping power it's a lot better than the evne pads I usually use!

by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

Not sure were you are riding but I have almost 25,000 km on my Reynolds Blue pads. I thought they would wear quick so I bought a second set as back up, Koolstop for carbon wear fast. Still nowhere near having to change them out.

Needless to say I like the Reynolds Blue pads.

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by graeme_f_k

Go with the pads that the rim manufacturer recommends, if your wheels are in warranty.

For us at Campagnolo SC - no Campag pads & a heat or abrasion-damaged brake track = no warranty = expensive!

Different rim manufacturers use different resins in their lay-ups, different formats for the braking surface and what works for one might be a disaster for another - *generally speaking* rim manufacturers do want repeat customers and so *will* go looking for the pad that works reliably on their rims without damage, or they will contract a specialist manufacturer to make the pad ...

If your wheels are out of warranty, it may be different - but even then, imagine you try an alternative pad and cook your rims - how pi**ed off are you going to be? Imagine you are on tubs and "do a Beloki" ...

Squeal issues might not only be a function of the pads, it may be brake set-up as well ... we still see lots of badly set-up brakes even from people who should know better :-(
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by Greg66

Anyone using Campy red pads on Zipp rims? No warranty on the Zipps to worry about. Any issues encountered with this combo?

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by eric

Even if you're not in warranty, the wrong pads can damage the rims.

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by Greg66

Which is why I'm asking the question...

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by fa63

For what it is worth, I tried using the Black Prince pads on my Reynolds rims for a bit. The power and modulation felt terrible, they squeaked a lot, and seemed to wear very quickly. I took them off after a couple rides and went back to the Reynolds Blue pads. After putting them back on, not sure why I ever took them off; they work very well.

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by zulu695

I asked the question a few months ago, and the consensus seems to be that it is not a good move to do (Red Campy with Zipp). I am sticking with the black Prince for now.

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by F45

What about OEM Shimano carbon specific pads? I never hear these mentioned in the discussions.

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by spookyload

If you like the old Reynolds pads, the new design works even better. A little more braking power, but they did double the price.

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by amey

I have just bought Easton wheels and on their website they recommend to use Swisstop yellows; I have bought the wheels used so not the first owner hence no warranty etc. Should I stick with their recommendation or go with Reynolds blue? I didnt like the feel of yellows in past (Used with HED) I felt they had no modulation but pretty good stopping power.

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by wheelsONfire

It's no idea figuring what pads are the best pads. All wheels use different resins. If you use wrong composition pads with wrong rims, you'll burn the rims and they're trashed.
Buy those pads you are allowed to use or the risk is huge you damage your wheels. Use SwissStop on Corima rims and you burn them.
For instance, Mavic CCU allow only the original yellow pads, or SwissStop version pads.
I think it will only end up in regret if you damage a new set of wheels as there is no warranty in the business that covers usage of wrong pads.

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by jackmen

I have tried several different carbon pads on several sets of carbon wheels, and the black prince feature the best stopping power and the best modulation. Its not even close. On my last set of carbon wheels the black prince pads, avenger carbon clincher wheels and Ultegra brakes come very close to stopping on allow wheels. They are that good.

by Weenie

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by Greg66

sugarkane wrote:If you want some really awesome pads try the red campag pads. I was very surprised by the stopping power it's a lot better than the evne pads I usually use!

I took by Boras out on Sunday with the Campy red carbon specific pads. Excellent stopping power (it was dry) - at least as good as an alu rim with conventional pads.

However, the noise from them was unbelievable. The sort of screech that makes dogs within 100 metres look startled and causes a lot of heads to turn. Directly related to the braking force too.

Think I will check the toe in, but even so I'd be quite surprised if toe in could resolve a noise of that volume.

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