Rubber hose protector

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by k1tch

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where I can get something like this....


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by ipaul

Jagwire cable kits come with them included, or something similar. May sell as a stand a lone item, not sure.

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I use silicone fuel tubing intended for radio controlled cars and boats.

Kills vibration and won't mark paintwork.

Readily available at hobby stores at a reasonable cost and a length will take care of a load of bikes.

I also use a section of tube with a v cut placed over valve stems in my deep section wheels to stop rattling.

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by mitchgixer6

I can understand the use of these items to minimise rub on the paint, but surely no matter how soft they are it still means there's something rubbing the paint? I find helicopter tape on the frame is the only real was to stop the paint getting marked at all and is probably much lighter that those rubber covers.

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by racingcondor

The moment you ride in the rain you get grit stuck to them and paint damage. You can only protect the frame by putting the protection on the frame.

If you don't ride in the wet though (or live somewhere very dry) then the Jagwire tubes work well, I was quite happy with them even in the UK until summer turned to autumn.

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by xena

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by 5 8 5


You've linked to donuts for brake and gear inner cables. The thread is a about donuts for outers.

I use o-rings. I use silicon polish on them and on the frame. it minimizes scratches.

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by kdawg

Decathlon do them too. Got hem on all my bikes. ... 43647.html

I really like them - it's not correct that they still mark your paint. They're not just a pad but because of the slight dumbbell shape and the tacky rubber they stay in the same place - so the housing curves rather thsn slides on your paint. Even when dirty they're not sliding around.
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by Causidicus


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