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So I bought a 2013 Specialized Tarmac Pro frameset from my local Specialized bike shop and had them build it up for me. When I picked it up I noticed it didn't have this part shown in the picture. I asked the mech. since it looked like most of the other bikes had it and he said the upper end bikes (pro, s-works) didn't come with them because they are supposed prevent the chainring from rubbing the chainstay and they're not flexible enough to need them. I didn't know what to say because obviously the upper end bikes do come with them since I pulled that photo from the Specialized website. Anyone know the actual name of this part and where to get one?


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by Causidicus

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by Weenie

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by dunbar42

My Roubaix SL4 has one. I do not think it's a stick on pad. Looks like real metal. You could install a chain catcher to prevent the chain from dropping. But in theory you can suck the chain behind the chain catcher if you pedal backwards while shifting chain rings (and then jam it against that area by pedaling forward.)

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by tinozee

I have had those on S-Works frames and also have had them get ripped off in a bad dropped chain/magnet tangle situation. They are a little metal plate that's glued on over the paint job. It's not a critical protector, so i wouldn't be surprised if they got rid of it, but I have no idea. if it came off, i think there would be some glue residue.

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by em3

Those alum tape stickers are useless if u ever encounter chainsuck. Instead get some Lizard Skins Leather pads and install behind ur chainrings and wrap all the way below ur chainstay as well. EM30

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by sharkman

That's not an aluminium sticker but a thin metal plate with double sided tape (and not the best quality so these do dry out / come off). Don't know if these can be bought aftermarket but they work well combined with a chain catcher so I would get me one. And every 2014 S-works (at least in Europe) has them...

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by Butcher

I have a 06 SW Tarmac and it did not have one from the factory. I really wish I did since there is a gash in the frame now because of chain suck. I would not accept the frame since they all come with them now.

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by Turbopowr

My 2011 Tarmac Pro SL3 has it.
Hector Cabrera
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by merlinxlm

My Tarmac comp 2012, has one on it.

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by Mize

You want it, period. Make them get it. It doesn't protect the frame from chainrings, but from the chain in the event of a chain suck (chain doesn't release and gets pulled up). If I hadn't had one I'd have a huge gash in my chainstay. Fortunately the metal stick-on pad protected the carbon. Get the chain suck protector.

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by Mize

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by ToffieBoi


That was my solution for my 2009 Tarmac.

by Weenie

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by SLCBrandon

Contact Specialized consumer customer service and I'm certain they will take care of you. PM me if you need more help.

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