SRAM Red Rear Derailleur, missing B-tension spring? [solved]

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by n808

I am installing a new SRAM Red rear derailleur, but am confused about one item. It rotates freely around its main axle connecting it to the derailleur hanger, except stopped by the adjusting screw. There is no tension spring pushing it backwards (clockwise) as I am used to from all other rear derailleurs. This means its position rotationwise, will always be up against the B-tension adjusting screw. This does not seem right - do I have a bad derailleur?

EDIT: The above assumption was from the operation of my Dura-Ace derailleur (and other Shimano ones). I took off the SRAM X0 derailleur on my Scott Scale and it operates the same way the SRAM Red does. There is no tension spring in the attachment between the derailleur and the hanger. The upper pulley's distance from the cogs is therefore constant and determined by the B-"tension" screw. Phew, all is well, I was worried I'd have to wait 2 weeks turn-around time to exchange it..
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