Speedplay Cleats v2?

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by SolidSnake03

I have been seeing a few blurbs about these now first on Speedplays site then on a few online bike shops. Anyone have these yet and can comment on what shoes they might work better with? Do the new screws improve anything or are they just visually different?

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by shoemakerpom2010

Looks to me like they changed the design of the screws and the baseplate to maybe add strength and stop people from using any other screws except the speedplay supplied ones. Since my existing plates work fine I don't see the need for anybody replacing their existing unless they are shot.

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by pdlpsher1

I have a problem of breaking the springs before the cleat is actually worn out. I don't know if SP sells the springs separately. Anyone else has this issue? I don't believe I have overtightened the screws. Would a worn bowtie cause broken springs?

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