DA 9001/9000 with KMC X11SL DLC ?

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by barrysvt

I am beginning to upgrade my Calfee to Shimano 11 speed.
9001 levers
9000 derailleurs
9000 cassette
Stronglight CT2 chainrings

Can I use a KMC X11SL DLC chain?
Or should I stick with a Dura-Ace 11 speed chain?

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by mercuryman76

I'm running X11 on my Evo with full Dura-Ace 9000 (except for the Hollowgram crank). You'll be fine.

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by mrd

ditto, with 9000 and X11SL, best drive train ever!

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by ToffieBoi

6800 grouppo with X11SL chain. Works perfect.

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by HaroldC

I'm using Sram Red/Force 22, Shimano 9000 cassette and X11SL chain with no problems!

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by Ronin416

Word from a Shimano techs, from a recent dealer training session is to go with the XTR chain.

Supposely they've found the most success with that setup.

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by TheDoc

Been running X11SL gold with DA9000 and SiSL2 w/Spiderring on my EVO for about a year and zero problem whatsoever.

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