Ritchey c260 stem with ZIPP vuka sprint

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by wrx555


Has anyone tried this combination??



by Weenie

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by Zak

Yes I have tried it. Or rather tried to try it. It won't work. :evil:

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by wrx555


Zak Thanks

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by DMF

I reckon it should work if you mount the stem in front of the bar, the steerer end facing forward towards the drops while you slide it on, and then when its centered you just circle it around 180 degrees... Haven't tried it, but seems to me it should work for all the reasons why it doesn't work the right way around? Perhaps, no promises, best of luck :)

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by chazmtb

Won't work. Tried it many ways. Scratched the bar. Big mistake.

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by Carrots

Wonder if the new SL70 bars will fit...

Who's going to be the guinea pig??

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by Weenie

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by NatenZipp

Hi everyone,

I am the product manager for Zipp Handlebars, Stems, and Seatposts. The Sl-70Aero will not fit into the C260 stem clamp without damaging the bar. I would suggest the Service Course SL Stem, or the SL Sprint Stem with which the SL-70Aero was designed to work.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.


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