Cleaning your cycling bottles

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by ms6073

mellowJohnny wrote:Seriously though buying a new set of bottles four times a year will cost you like $80.
True unless you and significant other both ride bikes and prefer the new Camelbak Podium bottles in which case the cost rockets to $$$ if replacing bottles 4x per year. :mrgreen:
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by Kraaf

Haven't been at WW for a while. Warm and fuzzy feeling to return to all this love.
I love you guys. Seriously.

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by mellowJohnny

BRM wrote:- New nice fresh bottles straight out a factory should be cleaned first before you are going to use them. :wink:

- In your not so bright text, the outcome would be that in 5 years time you would spend 400 dollars on bottles only . . .
(5 x 80)


a) Thanks for breaking down the math for me, that was helpful.
2) Thanks for looking out for my financial well-being.

I'll also spend $2,000 on tires, $400 on gels/bars/drink, and $150 on bar tape. Is that OK by you or am I being "not so bright"? I really value your opinion...

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by alicekou

I use clean brush set to wash my bottle. The link removed bottle brush with sponge and long handle can easily clean the inside and the bottom of the bottle. The straw cleaner can brush the lid well.

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by Conza

It's all about the adventure :o .

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by TonyM

Additionally to the cleaning, I personally replace these once a year or every two years depending on the use.
Better safe than sorry. And new bottle = new motivation sometimes.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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by robertbb

I can't actually believe there's a thread on this. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars on our bikes, clothes, training tools... and yet putting down $20 on a few new bottles each season won't do...

Carry on.
It's ALL about the bike.

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by TonyM

You still have to wash them :smartass:
Especially if you use some drink mixes etc....

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by fromtrektocolnago

Oh, I'm bad. My process for cleaning is literally filling it up with water, shaking and spilling it out. But in defense I only put water in my water bottles and don't add anything. Haven't died yet.
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by AJS914

I also only put water in my bottles and they don't get slimy inside. I run them through the dishwasher maybe once a month for good measure.

If you do use some kind of drink mix you just need a good bottle brush. There's no reason to buy new bottles every year.

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by dim

Nah .... I get my wife to sort it

I have Camelbak waterbottles .... she strips the nozzle and lays the whole lot (including the bottle) in sterilized water with Milton baby bottle cleaner ...

I've been using the same waterbottles for 3 years, and they are as clean as a whistle
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by Aya

I wash my bottles after every riding. and I never fill my bottles anything but pure water.
I have used them for about two years and no problems so far.

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by Chans1ee

Hi, there.
I use diluted clorox to clean/sterilize.
Fill a bottle with water-diluted crorox and leave it 2~3 hours.
After then, drain out all clorox, wash with water using brush 2~3 times.
Furs and other pollutions are perfectly removed after that process.
caution : Never use umdiluted clorax - it is very strong alkaline soluton.

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by MikeD

nlouthan wrote:I just rinse out when I get home and toss in the dishwasher.
+1 to that.

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by NiFTY

What on earth do you think will happen if a bit of mould grows inside? Those of you are the germaphobes who have given all your kids allergies that barely existed 50 years ago. Its mould - learn to deal.
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