Cleaning your cycling bottles

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by project3

I had my bottles clean and scrub once a month - ride once a week. Few month will sterilize with sterilizer pills and change once a year. Today I cut one of the bottles into half - using my finger and touch inside - omg can feel those fine particles. Any other ways to ensure my bottles will be cleaner?

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by 53x12

Clean more often than once a month?
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by Oswald

I always use the same bottle for sugared beverages and other ones for pure water. The one with sugar gets those spots easily, the ones with pure water stays clean.
To clean a bottle: Use a brush, rinse with water, pour in a mix of boiling water and vinegar and let it sit overnight and then rinse again with water.

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by mattr

Get a babies bottle brush and some decent bottles. (Big lids that seal properly tend to only be found on decent bottles, we use Camelback for preference)

Them you can get in and scrub.

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by nlouthan

I just rinse out when I get home and toss in the dishwasher.

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by ToffieBoi

Put 2 fingers of rock salt in the bottle and shake it well. Then wash it
You can use the same salt for a season or two.

(I didn't know the English name of it so here is a photo, what I meant)

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by kode54

i found if you scrub it with something abrasive, it makes matters worse by creating micro scratches on the inside. i've been using Purist bottles and use a soft sponge with dish soap to wipe the top...while doing that, running water into the bottle. i close the bottle with the soapy water, shake and squirt some out from the top. then open, rinse with clean water and the bottles last awhile.
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by kbbpll

Interested in this thread. I've got green stuff growing inside one of two identical bottles. Never used with anything but water. Tried dish soap and bottle scrubber numerous times, and even tried chlorine, green stuff comes back. I guess buy new bottles is the answer...

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by eurperg

Weird, 8 posts and dishwasher mentioned only once?!

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by kbbpll

^ My dishwasher's dry cycle is too hot, would melt the bottle I think.

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by mattr

eurperg wrote:Weird, 8 posts and dishwasher mentioned only once?!
wouldn't touch the gunk in the nozzle.

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by eric

Have any of you removed the nozzle from the cap of a Purist bottle, replaced it and had it still work properly?
When I R+R the nozzle it becomes very hard to open and close.

Sort of defeats the idea of being able to pull the nozzle to clean it.

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by emorydptt

dishwasher I find is the best way.
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by joestralia

Try white vinegar. It's a mild acid that also removes old bottle algae, smells and tastes. It'll reach places where a bottle scrubber cant. It's cheap enough. Don't get balsamic or red wine vinegar, as that should be on your salad. Let a mixture of 50% vinegar/H2O dwell overnight in an upside down bottle so it gets to the top. In a sink might be a good idea in case it leaks. Been there!

I've lost a bunch of bottles in a dishwasher due to melting.

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by mrfish

Dishwasher is less hassle and the only thing I've found which keeps bottles clean for years inside and out, and avoids use of mildly hazardous chemicals.

The dishwasher even wins against lumpy chocolate recovery powder, and keeps nozzles clean. Even if water doesn't get into every area of the nozzle, I guess the heat keeps bacteria at bay. This way expensive Camelbak bottles last a couple of years despite daily.

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