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by pdlpsher1

KWalker wrote:Not true. My Ultegra di2 still needed maintenance albeit not as much as a cabled group. Usually it would have to do with rear trim as the drivetrain wore.

If a component is worn enough to warrant an adjustment on the RD, wouldn't it be better off to just replace the component? My current chain is quite worn and it'll be due for a replacement within 500mi. I still haven't had to adjust the RD for 2,000+ miles. I'm curious to find out exactly why you need to adjust the RD. My Di2 has been 100% maintenance free (other than two disconnected cables due to an installation error by my mechanic).

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by showdown

Was chatting to a wrench who works at a shop that has the inside track with SRAM on today's ride... he told me that the system would have a bunch of satellite shifters when it debuts a la Di2. he then got real quiet and recounted the NDA he had to sign last year when the first prototypes were sent to the shop for playing/testing...

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by Causidicus

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by rma

When going electronic, I went from a 3-month adjustment cycle (mechanical) to a 12-month adjustment cycle. That's a LOT!

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by kleinetako

I would love to see conversion kits for the shifters. Make a module available that could replace the mechanical guts, thereby reducing the upgrade cost. I would happily pay for the FD/RD if I could make use of my existing Red shifters. I'd be even happier if the module fit in a 10 speed Red shifter.

I wonder if the electronic shifters will be cheaper than mechanical since all the engineering is moved to the derailleurs?

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by CharlesM

There won't be a retrofit... Liability is to great and especially so with cycling "type" people. Really we're one of the worst customer groups to work with when it comes to expecting the world from something that weighs a few grams.

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by CharlesM

eric wrote:Yea, Shimano and Campy patents. A button for up and a button for down on each lever is so much more intuitive. Sram's proposed system as leaked here would suck. But maybe it's a decoy like the wires.

I shift front and rear derailleurs simultaneously all the time. A good derailleur system should be able to handle that.

Sequential would suck for road use. There's times where I want to stay in the big ring, like if a descent or flat is coming up. Yea supposedly the shifting system should handle it but judging from shimano Di2 I've observed the front shift takes much longer than the rear (and it's loud, telegraphing your move). Also my gear ratios overlap across the two chainrings, so I can select a slighly higher or lower gear by changing rings.

The shifter batteries appear to be coin cells in the diagrams. Of course that doesn't mean anything for production. But yea having four batteries to monitor would be a concern.

Sequential is a kick ass system for the road and front shifting is faster than mechanical...

I've enjoyed using it more than any other system...

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by bombertodd

Nice video Charles! I need Di2 for my wife. She is the Queen of cross chaining.

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by ergott

That's cool. Problem I see is that there are times when you want to stay in a ring instead of a front shift. You might cross chain more than ideal, but it's better to hand on to a given ring when you know you will shift back down/up the cog shortly. A rear shift is always smoother than a ring change under power.

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by FIJIGabe

bombertodd wrote:Nice video Charles! I need Di2 for my wife. She is the Queen of cross chaining.

LOL! I think I tell my wife to trim her front derailleur at least twice on every ride!
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by CarlosFerreiro

Miller wrote:
pdlpsher1 wrote:With electronic shifting I could see 12 or 13 speeds on the horizon :mrgreen:

Agree that electronic would be the way to go for the necessary precision but I think there will be several factors holding back manufacturers from going in this direction. It would require an even narrower and more expensive chain with follow-on impacts all through the drivetrain: derailleur, chainsets, cassettes all would need redesign. For any manufacturer with existing groups, almost nothing in any existing drivetrain would transfer across to a higher number of gears, unlike the current situation where mechanical and electronic systems share several components.

Still, an interesting idea.
Use the powerful/direct front mech shifting and auto trimming to full advantage? Elec-tripple!! :twisted:

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by Tracerboy

Wireless set have been seen in Tour Down Under :shock:

Anyone have fresh news ?

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by bfno ... r-warmups/

Looks great, hopefully it will help Sram get back on their feet as they seem to be falling behind in recent years. Suppose to be light as well!
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by HammerTime2 wrote:The black tail end of both derailleurs look very similar, suggesting those are the battery packs and are likely replaceable. That would be a nice feature considering team mechanics could quickly swap out batteries from the car in a pinch, assuming it’s a tool-free process.
That would provide a nice excuse for riders to get pulled along/up by the team car. Oh yes, Mr. Commissaire, my derailleur battery keeps dying, ha ha.

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by bungis

bfno wrote:

Looks great, hopefully it will help Sram get back on their feet as they seem to be falling behind in recent years. Suppose to be light as well!

Interesting, hints at charging ports instead of a replaceable battery.

If the price is right and it works well I'll use it on a new steel build.

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