Rotor 3D+ w. P2M on Giant Propel Adv.

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by Rasmuskiwi

I recently bought a Giant Propel Advanced 3. I have previously had a Giant TCR 1 (2011). I belived it wouldn't be a problem to move my powermeter (which is on a Rotor 3D+ crank) from the TCR to my new Propel.

In my seach on the internet I've come across some people saying that the powermeter+crank construction might not fit the Propel. Apparently the powermeter shouldn't have enough space to rotate? Can this be true? Do I need to buy a new crank?

I hope you can help me as I would really like to make this work :D

Have a nice weekend

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by 743power ... standards/

"You only need to check compatibility on BB86 and BB386EVO frames, all other frame formats are always compatible with power2max. To check compatibility, please measure the outer diameter of the bottom bracket bore. It should not exceed 53mm to ensure compatibility with power2max."
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by Colin

A co-worker has a Quarq on his Propel, a couple guys on our shop team have Stages on theirs, and the Giant Shimano team is using SRM's on their Propel's last I checked. You should be fine!

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by Liol

Since this thread is high up on the search list when you search for Giant Propel + Rotor 3D+ + p2m, I might as well updated it with my findings in case others do as me and stumble upon it during when considering the Propel.

I've just put together a Giant Propel with a Rotor 3D+ crank and the Type S Power2Max unit and it fits without any problems. I used the Rotor 4130 crank bearings which is designed for use with Shimano Pressfit.

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