caad 10 Vs orbea onix

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by OrPe


For a friend entering road cycling, there are two (second hand) options
- CAAD10 / 105 (2013-ish) with upgraded ultegra wheelset (i think its the 6700 wheelset)
- Orbea Onix / ultegra 6700 (2010). bonty race x lite.

the caad is highly regarded, for the onix i could not find solid reviews..

Anyone that has ridden both, what's your take?

(Assume both fit the same)


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by gordon

Go the CAAD. I had an onix, a very soft front triangle. The CAAD would be much stiffer. Never ridden a CAAD but I do ride a Canyon AL which is comparable to the CAAD.

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by btompkins0112

I ride a CAAD, and I test rode an Onix a while back. CAAD is hands down a superior bike. This decision requires 0 thought if both bikes are the correct fit for your friend.

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by OrPe

will follow these advises :)

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by ninjaman

The CAAD10 frame is popular among a huge percentage of racers here in NYC, esp. considering performance/cost ratio and ease of replacement. One of the most responsive I've ridden, too.

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by 53x12

Sorry OrPe, I don't have any saddle time on the Orbea Onix. But I have had considerable time on the CAAD10. For me, I would go with the CAAD10 hands down. It is a race frame, yet is comfortable. Also does a splendid job of getting the power to the ground.

Not to throw a monkey wrench into things, but if he is looking at second hand options and the CAAD10 frame geometry suits him, I might recommend that he takes a look at the SystemSix Hi-Mod as another valid option. I think the SystemSix is a much better frame than the CAAD10 overall. Can find them on eBay or CL for decent deals. If he isn't against it, he could piece together a decent build himself. I saw a 56cm (non-HM) go for $275 the other day on eBay. Frame was in great shape. Just a thought. But in summary, I don't think he can go wrong with the CAAD10 at all. :thumbup:
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