Seeking SRM PC mount for Canyon Aeroad aerobar H11

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el condor
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by el condor

As mentioned, I'm looking for a mount/clamp for a SRM power control for the Canyon aero cockpit H11 as used by team Katusha.
Race ware told me they would do one but so far nothing. Was told by Canyon at the Euro bike that they got one but it's not yet on their site but after calling and writing them-they know nothing :-). Any one has an idea or know how to get one from Katusha?
I managed to find a half decent way to have the pc clamped but it's not a long term solution. Any help welcome-thanks.

by Weenie

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by Vermu

They've one for garmin but I've no idea if its suitable for srm as well.
Have one in order item number A1058004. Not available via their website, yet at least.
I ordered one with the bike, thought still haven't received it.

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by spdntrxi

I have the Garmin version... not sure the SRM version is out yet, since they don't have the price listed, but I think they are working on it. Site is Japanese and the product is quality. Race Ware for me was junk... did not fit the bar well at all.

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by sungod

what's the mounting? if it's two screws in-line fore-aft there's an srm mount that may fit... ... ebars.html

...i had one which broke after a few years (my fault), tried a 3d printed one, but it has no spring-loaded retaining system like the proper srm one, just a clip, the clip failed on the third ride on bit of bumpy road and my pc7 jumped out, never again! so i bought a new srm one, it's bullet proof

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